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We are very proud of our exciting curriculum and how it caters for all children with their varying needs and interests. Please take a look at what we have planned for the coming year by clicking on the areas below.


Please note that these are working documents and may be slightly adjusted over the course of the year.

Please go to our 'helping your child learn' page, where you will find further information on how you can support your child with their learning.

In the summer term, we have a whole school theme-based curriculum which means the children are excited and motivated to learn and they can learn together sometimes across the age ranges.  We link subjects together e.g. art with geography, history with computing, English with science, etc. Creative arts and a vibrant learning environment are essential parts of our themes. We also focus on achieving the highest possible standards for all our children in the basics of English, maths and science. We take advantage of being so close to the beach to visit weekly in terms 2, 4 and 6 where we learn outdoors and engage with nature.  Our curriculum is further enriched by visiting teachers, artists, musicians and sports teachers. We also have a cookery room where we cook a variety of foods and soon hope to include produce from our garden.


Please click on the link below to read our Curriculum Statement. The school community worked together to produce this document and to design our exciting curriculum.

Religious Education and School Assemblies


Non-denominational Religious Education is provided for all children as part of the curriculum and is taught in accordance with the Kent Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.


Assembly is an important part of the school day when we meet together as a community. It is a time when we place emphasis on the development of values and attitudes towards each other and the world around us. Assemblies are non-denominational and are of a broadly Christian nature. We also give consideration to the multicultural society in which we live and recognise other faiths, particularly around times of celebrations and festivals.


Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and collective worship should they so wish. If parents do not wish their child to be taught the agreed syllabus or take part in short acts of collective worship then they should inform us in writing.


Religious Education lessons offer a chance for children to explore beliefs and practices of major world faiths.  Visits to places of worship, handling artefacts and visits from members of different faiths enhance children’s understanding of our multicultural society.  Children consider the influence of the teachings of different faiths on their followers as well as responding to the big questions of life from their individual viewpoint, thereby valuing beliefs of all children while developing their understanding, tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others.

At Westmeads we aim to make our curriculum as exciting as possible and take part in many activities, as a school, and as individual classes or year groups, to enrich the learning experience of our children. The Enrichment Map shows the opportunities we have offered.

Here are some photos from events that have taken place in or out of school that have enriched the learning for our children.

English Progression.


Please find below the English Progression documents for each year group. They show the work to be covered in each aspect of the new English curriculum.