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At Westmeads it is our aim for children to develop a deep and secure understanding of a variety of mathematical concepts.  We provide children with a wide range of opportunities to use, apply and problem solve.


We adopt the mastery approach to help children fully understand the four number operations (+, -, x, ÷) and use 'White Rose Maths' to ensure that children develop skills in fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


Children are encouraged to use resources to aid their understanding in a range of mathematical areas.  Our progressive approach will help the children move from the concrete use of resources, to the pictorial images they draw or hold in their heads, finally reaching the abstract understanding of mathematical concepts.

To ensure that all of our children have a rich and varied experience of mathematics while they are at Westmeads, in addition to our following the mastery National Curriculum, we use Active Maths (Maths of the Day) and MyMaths (ICT resource).


Active Maths (Maths of the Day) is helpful in engaging the children in learning outside of the classroom.  Not only is the learning practical and fun, but the benefits of 'active learning' also help to improve attitudes towards maths and physical well-being.


MyMaths (ICT resource) is used to support children both in the classroom and at home, thus providing consistency in approach.

To see how we progress through maths in each year group at Westmeads please click here to see our Calculation Policy.
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