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We give the children the opportunity to experience a wide range of curriculum P.E. and extra curricular clubs right across the school.


Beginning with our 'Wake up, shake up!' routines every morning at 9 o'clock and our daily gentle touch/yoga sessions after lunch. In P.E. lessons, the children experience dodgeball, indoor curling, volleyball and kwik cricket in addition to more traditional sports like tag rugby, football and hockey. Our new playground trail area encourages the children to balance, climb and co-ordinate their bodies.


Have a look at our 'Clubs' section for more information on the activities available to children. We are very proud of the range of activities we have on offer.

Physical Education and links with local clubs/coaches

We would like to extend our thanks to Mrs Prince from CCW who recently came to deliver 4 dance lessons to our Year 2 children.  It was a wonderful opportunity for our children to have this specific teaching from a dance specialist. 


Our Year 1 children are looking forward to tennis lessons during Term 4 which will be provided by Appeti tennis allowing the children to achieve a beginners' skills certificate if they complete the course.

Staff Development

Miss Hyett, our PE leader, survived a 'problem solving' session at the recent School Games partnership meeting which was held at Herne Bay High School.  As well as many schools being presented with their School Games Mark awards, information was provided regarding the forthcoming competitions that we will be entering.


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Kent and Medway Primary PE Conference

What an inspirational event this was, with the amazing Joanna Rowsell-Shand telling the story of her success with the GB cycling team and how she was talent spotted in school at the age of 15.  In addition to this motivational talk we were able to listen to talks from Sharon Denny, Bev Crossland, Jon Smedley, John Mitcheson and Mike Crichton.  It was a thought provoking day with lots of useful information for us to put into practice.

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What is the Sports Grant?

The Sports Grant is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.  Since the success of the 2012 London games, the government has pledged to secure a significant and lasting legacy from the games and to develop children’s enjoyment of sport and physical activity from an early age.  Therefore, £300m has been specifically set aside to improve the provision of Primary School PE and School Sport.


How much do we have to spend?

£8000 plus £5 for each child in Years 1 and 2 payable for each year.


Who will monitor this?

When Ofsted visit, they will ask the question "How well the school uses its Sports Grant to improve the quality and breadth of its PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performances they are capable of."  They will look carefully at how we spend the funding and the impact it is having.

Expenditure 2016-2017






After-school club activities provided for free

To provide a certain number of after-school opportunities for children; these will be free for all children taking part.

£882 (approximately - hourly rate x 1 term of cricket; 2 terms of football; 2 terms of multi-skills)

Encouraging and targeting a variety of children to engage in an activity after school. A variety of physical activities to be provided, such as football, cricket ad multi-skills.

A full-time member of staff will attend to ensure that teachers are ‘skilled up’ for coaching of clubs / curriculum lessons for the benefit of all children.

Swimming lessons provided for free

To provide all Key Stage 1 children with free swimming lessons to promote self-confidence and safety because we live in a coastal town. It is an important element in the safety of our children in and around the local area.

£1,768 (cost of 6 x weekly lessons for years 1 and 2)

All children will feel more confident in and around water which is of great importance living in a coastal town. All children improve their ability in the water, feeling safer and more secure.

Improved water confidence will enable the children to engage in swimming and ensure a larger percentage of the children achieve the required level at KS2.

Specialised PE support for teaching KS1

All teaching of PE to be ‘enhanced’; activities specifically targeted at those children who are emerging / exceeding.


Level of PE provision and outcomes to be improved. All children to have a base line fitness assessment 2 or 3 times yearly to judge the impact of healthy provision at the school.

Our teachers will be ‘skilled-up’ and more confident when delivering PE lessons independently. They will have a larger ‘bank’ of ideas, lessons and resources to enable greater development of the children.

Teaching and learning – resources

Resources to support PE lessons and to enhance the existing curriculum.




More children have equipment for lessons and more variety of lessons can be taught (e.g. tri-golf). In addition, the school will purchase kits for those taking part in sporting competitions / representing the school.

Curriculum PE lessons will be more varied and the increased number of resources enables more children to be ‘active’ at the same time. All equipment is stored safely and looked after appropriately ensuring it lasts.

Rubicon Scooter Workshops

Rubicon Team will come to our school with all equipment needed to deliver a whole day of scooter lessons/training to all children (including scooters, helmets, pads, etc).


Children inspired to take part in sports activities and engage in physical activity. Children to learn scooter safety ensuring that our large percentage of children who ride scooters to school can do so safely. More children may be encouraged to ride a scooter to school thus leading to more physical exercise.

Scooter safety will stay with the children and ensuring they stay safe when travelling to and from school. Extra physical activity for all children.

Specialist Dance Instructor Workshops

Samba Dance Instructor to deliver workshops for every year group for a whole school performance at the School Games Day.


Children and parents involved in a non-competitive School Games fitness activity to enhance healthy activities within the community.


School support / competitions

HBH Basic Package which includes:

* support for teaching and learning;

* support for improving our assessment of PE;

* support for intra and inter-school competitions;

* support for enhancing our long term planning.


The staff is kept up-to-date with current information.


Children are entitled to take part in local inter-school competitions (as well as the school being encouraged to hold intra-school competitions).

Inter-school competitions taken part in include: Wake and Shake (2nd place); basketball (semi-finalists); speed stacking (6th place); Key Step gymnastics (7th place); infant agility (tbc); dance competition (tbc); and KS1 football (tbc).

The school takes part in these competitions annually. Every child is given the opportunity to represent the school (wearing the school ‘team’ kit) and take part in at least 1 competition.

Children’s well-being improves and there is a beneficial impact on their desire to ‘join in’ with all of school life.

Yoga Workshops

Yoga CPD training for 16 members of staff (at least 2 per class, Rainbow team and leadership team). Resources to be provided to each participant in the form of yoga cards.


Training is intended to enhance current provision within the school and ensure that all classes benefit from yoga in addition to gentle touch and mindfulness as a daily physical activity.

A majority of staff having training and development in this area will enable greater learning for the children through the passing on of knowledge and skill which will deepen understanding.


Sporting Developments



During the academic year 2013-2014 the majority of our Sports Premium Funding was spent on our new Astroturf area in the playground.  At Westmeads we view sport as an important part of school life; together with health, fitness and general well-being it helps children’s self-esteem and nurtures a team spirit which can have a positive impact on their adult lives.  The all-weather Astroturf area provides the opportunity to take part in physical activity outdoors for the duration of the year on a safe and level surface.  We endeavour to teach P.E. lessons outside whenever possible so not only does the Astroturf surface provide us with a suitable area for this to happen, but it plays an important part in our Active Playtime sessions.



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In the academic year 2015/16, a large chunk of our Sports Premium Funding was used to fund a new all-weather surface trail/activity area.  The previous trail equipment was in need of updating and resided on a grass area, which was lovely in the dry summer months, but often remained unused for the majority of our academic year.  Therefore, in consultation with our School Council and thinking about how best to provide sustainable physical activities which will have a beneficial impact on every child at our school, money was put aside for the new trail equipment and surfacing. 



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Active Playtimes / Change for Life

As part of our active lunchtime programme at Westmeads, games and activities are on offer to children from all year groups, for the whole lunch hour.  Research has shown that physical exercise supports learning across the curriculum and we believe that our active playtimes positively contribute to healthy and active lifestyles, emotional well-being, reduce poor behaviour, increase attendance and develop key skills such as leadership, confidence and social skills. 


Our dedicated team of Lunchtime Assistants, led by our Play Leader, Mrs Haskell, zone areas of the playground and set up a variety of activities and games to target different physical skills and attributes.  Each of these activities is either watched over by a fully trained adult or by a Playground Buddy.  


For 15 minutes at the end of every lunch hour, every child takes part in organised games and activities selected by the children themselves (in conjunction with their trained adult and/or Play leader).  These activities are not only fun but help the children understand how to be healthy and active.  We ensure that every child in the school is involved in this 'Change 4 life' activity.


In fact, our Active Playtimes are so successful that other local schools have been to watch what we do and how we do it, so that they can set up similar systems within their schools. 

***Well done to all of our lunch time staff!***


Sally Luckhurst (Sports Partnership Director): " I have to say I was very impressed with all the opportunities that your school offers.  It really is fantastic!"


Fiona Ingram (PE Leader, Herne Infant School and Sports Partnership Leader): "Thank you so very much for arranging yesterday - it was such a useful and thought/idea provoking visit.  Immediately on our return to school the Midday Supervisor began putting into action things that they had discussed with Nicky - using what we had seen and adapting to suit our environment.  They have looked closely at the areas we have in our playground as we found that this was an element of your provision that seemed to be highly successful.  The systems you have in place worked brilliantly with every single child we saw totally engaged in purposeful activity.  Your use of small equipment to provoke creative play was also an idea that we shall 'borrow'.  Thank you once again for an inspiring visit."