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Active Playtimes / Change for Life

Active Playtimes / Change for Life

As part of our active lunchtime programme at Westmeads, games and activities are on offer to children from all year groups, for the whole lunch hour. Research has shown that physical exercise supports learning across the curriculum and we believe that our active playtimes positively contribute to healthy and active lifestyles, emotional well-being, reduce poor behaviour, increase attendance and develop key skills such as leadership, confidence and social skills. 


Our dedicated team of Lunchtime Assistants zone areas of the playground and set up a variety of activities and games to target different physical skills and attributes. Each of these activities is either watched over by a fully trained adult or by a Playground Buddy.  

For 15 minutes at the end of every lunch hour, every child takes part in organised games and activities selected by the children themselves (in conjunction with their trained adult and/or Play leader). These activities are not only fun but help the children understand how to be healthy and active. We ensure that every child in the school is involved in this 'Change 4 life' activity.


In fact, our Active Playtimes are so successful that other local schools have been to watch what we do and how we do it, so that they can set up similar systems within their schools. 


***Well done to all of our lunch time staff!***


Sally Luckhurst (Sports Partnership Director): " I have to say I was very impressed with all the opportunities that your school offers.  It really is fantastic!"


Fiona Ingram (PE Leader, Herne Infant School and Sports Partnership Leader): "Thank you so very much for arranging yesterday - it was such a useful and thought/idea provoking visit. Immediately on our return to school the Midday Supervisor began putting into action things that they had discussed with Nicky - using what we had seen and adapting to suit our environment. They have looked closely at the areas we have in our playground as we found that this was an element of your provision that seemed to be highly successful. The systems you have in place worked brilliantly with every single child we saw totally engaged in purposeful activity. Your use of small equipment to provoke creative play was also an idea that we shall 'borrow'.  Thank you once again for an inspiring visit."