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Community Infant School

‘Happy To Learn’


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Aims and Values

Our Aims and Values at Westmeads


At Westmeads we have:


  • A school where everyone has high expectations of each other and shares responsibility for their behaviour and attitude to learning. Independence, perseverance and resilience are actively encouraged


  • An environment that promotes good communication, where everyone is heard and their opinions are understood, valued and respected


  • A healthy school community which nurtures honesty and kindness, where children feel secure and understand how to keep themselves safe


  • A rich and relevant curriculum that encourages curiosity building on the strengths of individuals within the school, offering strong links with the community and a wide range of creative and sporting opportunities


  • A focus on children’s learning and high standards are at the core of all aspects of school life



This statement was discussed and agreed by all staff, governors and our School Council.

From this statement we took our 6 core values. We focus on one of these each term in our assemblies.


Curiosity     Honesty     Love and Kindness     Respect     Independence      Perseverance


Our School Rules


We do what the grown-ups ask us the first time

We keep our hands and our feet to ourselves

We do not cross the yellow line (without asking a grown up)

We look after the things that belong to us and to others

We are polite and respect everyone

Please see the document below for the school rules as they are displayed in every classroom and around the school.

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Please contact us for further information.