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At Westmeads we aim to equip our children with the skills, knowledge and understanding of computing they will need for the rest of their lives. The children will learn how computers and computer systems work, develop their ideas using technology and will create a range of content.


Our school is well resourced with both hardware and software. Every class has 3 PCs and an interactive Clever Touch board. Children have access to Bee-Bots (programmable toys), cameras and tuff cams (hand held camcorders) and easi-speaks (Child friendly Dictaphones). We also have a portable tablet trolley which has 15 Windows tablets.


We have worked hard to ensure skills progression throughout the year groups and Computing is planned for with an aim of linking the objectives to other areas of the curriculum, to give the subject real meaning and purpose.


All of our children sign our 'Westmeads School Child Acceptable User Policy' at the beginning of each academic year. This ensures that the children understand the importance of using technology correctly and carefully. You can see a copy of this policy attached below.


We also incorporate the teaching of Online Safety into our Curriculum Overview. Each year group is taught online safety skills in a child friendly, relatable and progressive way;

  • Reception children are taught the skills of online safety through the story of 'Digi-duck'
  • Year One learn about keeping safe online from Hector and his friends in 'Hector's World'
  • Year Two use 'Smartie the penguin' and 'Smart Crew' to further embed the online safety message



Picture 1 Our Tech Team - bibs donated by Barnums Schoolwear