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Geography and the Environment

Geography and the Environment at Westmeads:

By following the national curriculum, our children develop their Knowledge and understanding of places as well as develop their sense of identity through learning about their locality and the wider world. The children also gain knowledge and understanding of patterns and processes and can recognise and explain selected physical and human processes. At Westmeads we passionately teach our children about environmental relationships and issues and help them to develop an awareness of how people damage or improve the environment. Our children also develop the geographical skills and vocabulary necessary to carry out effective geographical enquiry.


At Westmeads, the learning of Geography promotes:

  • An understanding of the causes and consequences of change through physical and human actions and processes.
  • Knowledge and understanding of people, cultures and events in a variety of places and at different times.
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • A desire to be proactive local and global citizens.
  • Skills in questioning, formulating opinions and arguments, making judgements and carrying out investigations.

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