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Geography in Action

At Westmeads, Geography is taught in a practical way in order to engage the children in their learning. We make good use of our surrounding areas such as Whitstable Beach, Thornden Woods, Reculver Beach and Swalecliffe Brook.


See photos below of Geography in action at Westmeads:

Beach Walks 

Beach walks happen weekly in Terms 2, 4 and 6 and are a way of incorporating our local area into our everyday curriculum. They have a different focus each time but they allow us to find out things about Whitstable and our school's location close to the beach.

Continents and Oceans

In Year 2 the children have been learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world in a practical way.

Reculver Beach


Year 1 visited Reculver Beach to look at the landscape and compare to the coastline of Whitstable. They looked at the physical and human geography and discussed how we can use our coastline to generate wind power. 

Swalecliffe Brook


Year 1 visited Swalecliffe Brook (Long Rock) to apply their map reading and drawing skills. The children had to create a birds eye view map of their route and added in any points of interest a long the way. 

Thornden Woods

Year 2 visited Thornden Woods and used our map reading skills to follow the 'Wildart' trail. We then plotted significant landmarks on an aerial map.


Survival Day

As part of our Survival topic in Year 2, the children dressed up in survival-themed clothes and we spent the day thinking about what we need in order to survive in different locations and climates.