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Humanities (incl Geography and History)

At Westmeads we believe that through the study of humanities, children make sense of their world and enrich their understanding of it. It helps children understand similarities and difference between societies and cultures and the impact of changes on people and places. It also fires curiosity and sparks a sense of belonging to the bigger picture through time and space. 


We embed humanities throughout our curriculum and make links to history and geography throughout our topics. Children have a chance to learn about past events and the world in a creative and practical way, from hosting themed topic days to field trips and guest speakers.

Examples of some of our Humanities Activities

Remembrance Day

As a whole school we took part in a number of Remembrance activities to commemorate those who fought in WW1 and the many wars since. In class, each child made felt poppies which were displayed along the railings outside school. We then all attended a Remembrance assembly where we discussed the relevance of wearing a poppy. Year 2 walked to the Whitstable War Memorial to lay their poppy wreath and visited St Alphege church to look at their fantastic display of white doves where we carried out a 2 minute silence to show our gratitude.

Survival Day

As part of our Survival topic in Year 2, the children dressed up in survival-themed clothes and we spent the day thinking about what we need in order to survive in different locations and climates.  

World War II 

As part of Year 2's WW2 topic, the children visited the local Whitstable museum to look at artefacts from WW2 as well participate in an evacuation re-enactment day. Parents and carers were invited into school to take part. Firstly, the children waved their grown ups goodbye before leaving to be evacuated. On their safe return they had a Victory party to celebrate the end of the war.   

Beach Walks 

Beach walks happen weekly in Terms 2, 4 and 6 and are a way of incorporating our local area into our everyday curriculum. They have a different focus each time but they allow us to find out things about Whitstable and our school's location close to the beach.

Heroes vs Villains 

As part of Year 1's Heroes vs Villains topic, the children learnt about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. As a fantastic finish to their topic, the children dressed up and acted out the event.

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British Woodland Animals 

As part of our Year 2 woodland animal topic, we compared the U.K with other natural areas around the world. We thought about their location in relation to the Equator and how that affects their climate and therefore the wildlife and habitat. We used our compass skills to locate the jungles around the world and compared the human and physical geography with that of the U.K.