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Community Infant School

‘Happy To Learn’


Interactive Bar



Children have the opportunities to paint using a different brushes as well as other tools and using different types of paint such as acrylic, watercolours, block paint and impasto.

In EYFS the children explore colour mixing and experiment with applying paint in different ways.  Year 1 develop an understanding of what are primary and secondary colours.  In Year 2 the children are introduced to tints (adding white) and tones (adding black) when colour mixing.

Year 2 Northern Lights artwork using colour wash techniques

The year 2 children created their own artwork of the northern lights (aurora borealis) using colour wash techniques with watercolour paints. 


Yr R Pudsey Bear faces

Yr R enjoyed adding spots to the face of Pudsey Bear using different paint brushes and using their finger to apply the paint, using a range of colours.


Yr R Self Portraits

The Yr R children practised using good control and coordination when painting with a paint brush.  They used mirrors to help them to look carefully at the colour and shape of their skin, hair, eyes and mouth.