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PE and Sport Page Archive 2013 - 2014

Enhanced School Games Package:


This is a package that we opt in to, using part of our Sports Premium Funding. It provides the following:


This includes the Basic School Games package below:


Additional Information

Access to Full-Time PE Specialist

  • All schools will have access to their own specific PE Specialist/ Consultant from one of the Sports Partnership team who will act as their point of contact for all aspects of the programme

PLT meetings

  • 3 meetings held termly. 2x afternoon , 1 x twilight

Inter-school competitions

Free entry to the following a variety of competitions including (for example):

  • KS1 football
  • Speed Stacks
  • KS1 Gymnastics
  • Dance Festival
  • KS1 Infant Agility
  • KS1 Tag Rugby
  • Opportunity to qualify through to the Kent School Games
  • Children receive participation certificates, plus medals and trophies for winning teams. Costs include venue hire, additional staffing, referees, judges, transport, medals etc.

Newsletters, Flashbacks

  • Sent out termly to put on your School Games Notice Boards and emailed out to put on website

Registering for School Games and National School Sports Week

  • SSP registers your school to ensure you receive all information and resources linked to this.

Opportunity to attend courses run centrally HBH School

  • Any centrally run courses for teachers will be offered to your school


The Enhanced Package also includes:


  • 6 days / 36 hours of support of our choice.

    This will be delivered by experienced Primary PE teachers, PE advisors, Specialist secondary PE teachers or Level 2 coaches who are all fully DBS checked and have a great experience of working in schools.


  • Brand new Scheme of work and support with curriculum planning to ensure consistency across the partnership and progression throughout the school.

  • Quality assurance of all teachers / coaches who are sent into your school

  • Support / guidance in how to spend other Sport Premium funding outside of the enhanced package.

  • Access to resources and equipment where available.

  • Access to any additional opportunities that is offered directly to the Sports partnership.

  • Opportunity to send teachers on centrally run CPD courses.

  • A network that you are confident that if you needed support or guidance regarding health and safety, risk assessment or anything related to PE, you could turn to.


    Ways in which our 6 Days / 36 hours of support will be spent.


Additional Services:


PE Delivery Support and Curriculum Planning

A Primary PE Specialist has come into school to assist in the delivery of high quality Physical Education lessons at each year group. To work alongside class teachers to help them develop their own skills through demonstration lessons, team teaching etc. Focus for Westmeads: Gymnastics

Schemes of Work


This entails a KS1 specialist working with the PE leaders from a group of schools to ensure that all pupils get a varied up to date PE curriculum with a newly written scheme of work.

Assessment and Monitoring support

Half day

Support given to PE Co-ordinator / teachers to demonstrate how to monitor lessons and what things they should be looking for in a good lesson. If needed they will also be given help on how to assess in PE and the standards that are expected at each age range.

Health & Safety training

Whole staff training on health and safety aspects of PE.

Foundation Training

Half day


A specialist will come in and work with the Foundation Stage teachers looking at how PE fits into the Foundation curriculum. They will provide a pack of resources with lesson plans/ideas/activities and will finish the morning with a sample lesson which the teacher and TA can watch/take part in to give ideas.

PE and School Sport Audit

Half day

As part of the new funding announcement all schools will be required to audit where their funding has been spent and evaluate the impact of the funding. Our PE Specialists will assist PLTs in submitting their audit report in accordance to set national guidelines


To work with Year 2 children and staff and set up a permanent orienteering course. Planned for Summer Term.

Creating opportunities

Level 1 Intra School Competition Programme

Your PE Specialist will work alongside PLT and/or Sports Crew to design an intra-school competition programme and calendar that can culminate in the end of year School Games Day. They will then help the sports crew develop the formats and resources to run the events. They may also be able to assist delivery of these events.

After School Club

Schools are able to exchange 1 day of School Games Support to run after school clubs in a sport or activity of your choice – gymnastics.

TOP Skills 4 Play/ TOP Skills 4 Sport

An afternoon where KS1 pupils get an opportunity to pilot resources to support the development of physical literacy. Westmeads trialled and kept £350 of Physical Literacy equipment with Play Leader during lunchtimes.


Expenditure 2013 - 14


Picture 2


At Westmeads, the sports premium funding, which will total £8600 when the final payment is made in April 2014, has enabled us to buy:





Quotes from staff and children

Balance bikes and a wider variety of wheeled ‘vehicles’ for all children to access during playtimes.

To support children’s gross motor skills and develop core and upper body strength as well as balance and co-ordination.


More children are able to access equipment. To extend range of gross motor skills needed for whole school development in writing.

‘I like them because I can go really fast’.

‘It’s really different from the bike I have at home.’

New PE resources to allow us to deliver our new scheme of work.

Our current Scheme of Work is limited. To develop children’s skills in a wider range of sports and engage more children in healthy lifestyles.


Variety of sports now provided develops a wider range of skills and shows progression of skills across the school.

‘It has been good to extend the range of sports covered and ensure that the skills progression build up across the whole school.’

‘Some children have really enjoyed having a greater variety of sports.’

‘I love speed stacking!’

Part fund an all-weather ‘grass’ surface to enhance playtimes and P.E. lessons and to ensure that children can play outdoor games more safely

Our school grounds have hard surfaces which can limit the sports children can play safely. It may also inhibit children’s engagement and participation for fear of hurting themselves.

Total cost was £7152.00 - £6196 came from Sports Premium

The children all enjoy playing on the ‘grass’ surface and would like to extend the all-weather surface over the whole playground. Teachers and lunchtime staff comment that more children now participate in sports and ball games who would normally have resisted.

‘It’s soft and you don’t hurt yourself if you fall over.’

‘You can’t cut yourself on it.’

‘I like that I don’t get muddy or grass stains!’

‘It’s cool!’

‘It doesn’t need mowing.’

Purchase of an Enhanced School Games Package as a member of the Coastal Alliance group of schools.

This has allowed us to work with other specialist sports teachers to support staff in the delivery of high quality PE provision.


See below for details of this package and the impact that it has had.

‘It has been really useful to share ideas and expertise with other local schools.’

‘It’s good that we can use Secondary School facilities to host multi-school events.’

‘It is always helpful to observe others’ teaching, even if it just affirms that what you have been doing is right!’