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Plastic and the Environment

At Westmeads we have been making some huge changes around the school to promote a more sustainable future. In light of the war on plastics, we have been thinking about how we can reduce our single use plastic within school and we are pleased to let you know that after contacting our local milk supplier, we have now stopped receiving individual milk cartons with straws! We have opted to receive our milk in recyclable 4-pint milk bottles and now drink out of reusable beakers. It's a small change that will have a huge impact. Just think if roughly 60 children have milk each day we will be saving 10,800 straws and straw wrappers from entering landfill and/ or the ocean every year!!!!


And we haven’t stopped there, we have now teamed up with Terracycle to become a drop-off location for their Walkers Crisp packet recycling scheme. Once collected and sent, the crisp packets are separated by plastic type, cleaned, and extruded into plastic pellets to make new recycled products instead of entering land fill!  You can find the drop off point in the office reception area​.