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Community Infant School

‘Happy To Learn’


Interactive Bar


The children are taught to read using systematic synthetic phonics following the 'Letters and Sounds' programme. However, they are also encouraged to use other cues to decode texts, most importantly, enjoying learning to read and gaining pleasure from reading and sharing books.


We continually add to our range of reading scheme and 'real' books to encourage children to read a wide variety of texts confidently and with expression. We teach a mixture of guided reading and reciprocal reading, allowing the children to both understand how to read words but also how to interpret meaning from these words and discuss their wider understanding of what they read.


We place a high value on reading and children are encouraged to read every day. We visit both the school library, at least once a week and the local library too! We also hold regular reading events such as World Book Day, special poetry weeks and events involving families. We invite visits from local and international authors, poets and storytellers.


Each classroom has an inviting reading area where children can relax and enjoy reading a book of their choice. The children are taught to respect the books in the reading areas and every child takes responsibility for looking after the books in these areas for future children to enjoy as much as they have. We regularly update the books available to the children so that they remain fresh and interesting.