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Science in Action

In EYFS, a lot of Science happens 'in the moment' and is based around the children's own curiosity about the world around them, making the learning much more meaningful. When questions are raised by the children, whole-class discussions take place and investigations and tests are set up to help them answer these. However, specific Science focused sessions are also planned for when they suit a particular topic. 


In Key Stage One, Science lessons at Westmeads are carefully planned to ensure that the children develop the key knowledge and vocabulary required in all the units taught: 'Animals including humans', 'Everyday materials', 'Living things and their habitats', 'Plants', and 'Seasonal change'.


Opportunities for working scientifically are provided across the school, from Reception to Year 2. The children wear lab coats during lessons to help them understand that they are just like real scientists - observing, identifying, grouping and classifying and performing investigations and tests! Science is made as practical as possible to engage and enthuse and the outside environment is utilized as much as possible.