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Sporting Developments

Sporting Developments

Active Playtimes and Lunchtimes

We have invested in new playtime equipment to ensure all children can be active during playtimes and lunchtimes whilst they are in their Class Bubbles as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We recognise that being active is vitally important to all the children in our school and we have bought a range of new, colour coded equipment for each class to use in the playground. This equipment supports and develops gross motor skills, balance, ball skills and hand-eye coordination as well as encouraging cooperation and working together.

Fire Fighter Fit Kids

Firefighter Fit Kids came into school and did fitness workshops with all classes in January 2019. All the children loved joining in with running on the sport, jumping, spotty dogs, lunges and even did some burpees!


The teachers will be continuing to do these sessions in school throughout the year as part of our curriculum enrichment.


In the academic year 2015/16, a large chunk of our Sports Premium Funding was used to fund a new all-weather surface trail/activity area.  The previous trail equipment was in need of updating and resided on a grass area, which was lovely in the dry summer months, but often remained unused for the majority of our academic year.  Therefore, in consultation with our School Council and thinking about how best to provide sustainable physical activities which will have a beneficial impact on every child at our school, money was put aside for the new trail equipment and surfacing. 


During the academic year 2013-2014 the majority of our Sports Premium Funding was spent on our new Astroturf area in the playground.  At Westmeads we view sport as an important part of school life; together with health, fitness and general well-being it helps children’s self-esteem and nurtures a team spirit which can have a positive impact on their adult lives.  The all-weather Astroturf area provides the opportunity to take part in physical activity outdoors for the duration of the year on a safe and level surface.  We endeavour to teach P.E. lessons outside whenever possible so not only does the Astroturf surface provide us with a suitable area for this to happen, but it plays an important part in our Active Playtime sessions.