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Term 1

Come and meet us all to find out why we are so special!


This term our topic is 'Survival' and we are looking at the question 'What do we need to survive?'.


What a wonderful way to mark the end of our topic this week by building shelters and learning survival tips from Hannah at 'Natural Pathways'.  All of the children thoroughly enjoyed constructing shelters and discussing what we would use to build them and why.  There was a lot of debate over the 'best' shelter when we tested them for comfort and checked whether they were waterproof!  


We also learned how to filter dirty water to ensure it is suitable for drinking (although we weren't brave enough to test this out!).


We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures to see how much fun we had!

Thank you very much to all of the children (and parents!) who have contributed to our role play area.  It is looking wonderful!



In our English lessons we have been looking at the book 'Dear Greenpeace' by Simon James.  The children have had great fun role-playing the parts of Emily and Arthur the whale and, following on from this, have created some wonderful storyboards and written some imaginative alternative endings for the book.


We have also started to look at poetry and are currently focusing on acrostic poems about endangered animals, using adjectives, alliteration, similes and rhyme.  During our art lessons the children will have the opportunity to create 'Turner-esque' pictures to go with their poems!



During the month of October we have celebrated Black History Month.  We have been learning all about Mo Farah and are now all experts on his life to date!  Feel free to come and look at the class display of our work.



For our marvellous maths lessons this term we have so far looked at number (addition and subtraction), place value (tens and ones), money (giving change) and measure (measuring lines accurately).


The children are enjoying a variety of practical maths, which involves some problem solving or investigative skills each Friday.

We particularly enjoyed our first look at fractions where we shared some smarties between our friends and recorded how we had done this!  Sharing between 2 meant we were sharing in half (1/2) and sharing between 4 meant we were sharing into quarters (1/4).



We celebrated National Poetry Day by entering the 'Poetry from a Postcard' event.  Each of the children wrote their favourite alliterative phrase or simile on a postcard and we hand delivered these to the competition postbox.  We look forward to seeing our wonderful words included in the community poem.