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Term 3

We would like to wish everybody a very warm welcome to Term 3, when our hot topic is 'The Great Fire of London'!


Thank you very much to all of the children, parents and carers who have contributed to our bright, colourful and informative role play and interactive learning area.  Mrs Raymer has done an amazing job - as usual!

We have already put ourselves into the shoes of Thomas Farynor when we baked biscuits at school … fortunately Miss Hyett got them out of the oven in time and didn’t need to sweep any ashes away at the end of the day!


What a wonderful way to begin the term, with a travelling ‘Robin Hood’ pantomime.  I know that the whole of Red Class were completely involved in the story of Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.  Judging by the booing I think the Sheriff did a very convincing job!


This term each child will be creating their own non-fiction book about ‘The Great Fire of London’, which will include a contents page, glossary, explanation texts and flow diagrams.  We are continuing with our ‘think it, say it, write it’ policy to assist the children’s writing and they are currently benefitting from drama and shared writing sessions which are enriching their ideas.  Here are some pictures of our shared writing and role play activities.

We would also like to say a big thank you to the Kent Fire and Rescue Service for their informative safety talk.  We had a wonderful time making posters afterwards!


As well as continuing with our coverage of the new curriculum, we are using ICT to enhance our independent learning.  Some of us are also challenging ourselves to explain our thinking (which is a fancy way of saying we need to tell Miss Hyett, Mrs Raymer or our friends how we found the answer!).


To link with our topic of The Great Fire of London we are taking a look at natural disasters.  So far we have discussed what type of events are included in the list of natural disasters and taken a closer look at earthquakes.  To help us with our research we have been using ICT (science kids and the CBBC webpages) to plot where most earthquakes occur.  We will soon be discussing how survivors of natural disasters feel and thinking about how charities support these communities and help them rebuild.

We were also very lucky to have Mr Hamm visit us and talk about natural disasters.  The children were enthralled as he went through the different disasters and how to eliminate any risk involved.  A big thank you from all of Year 2 to Mr Hamm!


The majority of our art this term is linked to our non-fiction books.  The children are in the process of making the front cover of their books using mosaic and collage skills.  We have also started to create a narrow, wooden house each, using lollipop sticks and sugar paper.  Using Mrs Raymer’s incredible, artistic skills, the houses will be used to make our class display which will be in the hall for all to see in a few weeks’ time.


This term we are focusing on the areas of dance and speed stacking.  There will be an opportunity for 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys) to take part in a Speed Stack competition at Herne Bay High School, which all of the children are very excited about!

Please can you remember that children need their PE kits in school on Mondays and Wednesdays.  No earrings should be worn for PE lessons.



In Science we have been looking at materials, with a focus on discussing their different properties.  As well as our 'walk around' to find objects made of different materials, we have conducted an investigation into the properties and uses of wood.