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Term 3

Orange and Yellow Class have had such a busy term. Our theme is 'On the Go' so we have been looking at different types of transport.

Our focus for Literacy is Non-Fiction texts and poetry. We learned about different ways to present information in a non-fiction text: labels; diagrams; facts; pictures.

Yellow Class did a wonderful assembly for their parents, showcasing everything they have been learning. Orange Class earned 10 marbles and chose to watch 'Cars' and eat popcorn as their treat!

We're going on a shape hunt...

In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. Here are the shapes we found on our hunt around the school. Can you name them?

Design and Technology

Our project with Mrs Fratterroli has been to create our own wheeled vehicle. We have learned how to turn a cardboard box inside out (so that we can paint it). We have learned about colour mixing and we added wheels and axles to our vehicles so they can move. Take a look at some of our wonderful creations!

On the way to Faversham gym, what shall I see? What shall I see?

We were lucky enough to ride on a train to Faversham gym. We had SO much fun practising our gymnastics skills. We balanced, climbed, rolled and stretched.


PE brought gymnastics skills this term and we have LOVED learning how to use the apparatus safely. We can roll in different ways, balance across an upturned bench and jump from the apparatus with a safe landing - Remember to bend your knees!! Here are some photos of us in action...

Who's car is this?

We were lucky enough to explore Mr Penfold and Mrs Watkin's cars. Can you guess which one belongs to each of them?

We looked at their engines and found out where the oil and water go. We talked about how the wheels stay on the car. Mrs Watkins flashed her lights and we even got to sit in Mr Penfold's driving seat. His car has a louder horn than Mrs Watkin's car!!