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Term 3

Suuuuuper Maaaaaaaaths!!

We had a letter from an international superhero Commander Stupendous commending us on our fantastic problem solving!

As a reward he sent us some superhero capes to use when we are working in the maths area.

We were very excited and can't wait to do some more problem solving using numbers smiley

Welcome Back!!

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all had a fun and restful Christmas Break and the children are ready to start learning again.


Orange Class arrived back to find that Santa's toy workshop had disappeared and this was in its place... I wonder what we are learning about this term!

That's right, we are learning about what life was like for the Native Americans a long time ago smiley

We are thinking about a different question each week.


Where did the Native Americans live?

We made tepees using straws and paper.
We have particularly enjoyed playing with the train set this term. We can now build a track that joins together and has lots of different routes.

We have done some GREAT problem solving!

A non-fiction book we read posed some interesting questions.


Well, you don't ask a question in Orange Class unless you want to find out an answer...


"How do you build a strong tower?"

We used the information we had found out in our play...

If you alternate the direction of the bricks or overlap the bricks a wall or tower will be stronger.

"Can you build a bridge with newspaper and sticky tape?" 
Yes, we can!
"Can you make your bridge strong enough to stand on?"

Yes we can!

Not bad for 4 year olds, right?

A friendly lorry driver came to visit us to tell us all about road safety...