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Term 5

Term 5 - Dinosaurs

Maths Week

We had a great day with some parents solving problems and practising the maths we have been learning.

How to Grow a Dinosaur

We read the story of how to grow a dinosaur and planted some seeds ofour own. We're waiting to see what they turn out to be... What do you think?

We planted the seeds and wrote instruction books on how to grow a plant.

1. Put soil in the pot.

2. Pur a seed in the soil.

3. Cover the seed with soil.

4. Water it.

5. Put it in some sunshine.

Beach Visits

Our Beach visits have continued this term with us working in small groups that have a different focus each week. We have created dinosaur stories using the beach as our setting. We have talked about hevy and light objects as well as observing the changes we see from week to week.

Natural History Museum Trip

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