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Year 1 - Blue Class

Welcome to Blue Class!

Miss Boxer, Mrs McGrath and Miss Raffell would like to welcome you to Blue Class!



Academic Year 2015-2016

Blue Class

"We are all unique but together we are a work of art"

Term 6


Picture 1

Well we are now in our final term of Year 1! Time seems to have flown past!

However, we are really looking forward to a very exciting 'Olympics' themed term ahead!


Across the school each class has been given a country. Blue class has been given...China!



This term we will be swimming at Whitstable pool every Monday morning. We have already learned so many new skills and are looking forward to our swimming lessons each week! Remember we need helpers to the swimming pool and also walk back to school with us. so parents/carers feel free to stay and watch!

Picture 1


Term 5

All Creatures Great and Small




This term we will be reading the story 'Wild' by Emily Hughes. We will be exploring the life of a 'wild' character that lives in the jungle with animals for friends. One day she encounters some new 'animals' that think they can 'help' her... but can they...?

This book is full of opportunities for our pupils to explore feelings, appearances, settings and opinions. We will do so through a range of activities including role play, freeze frames, writing as a character and also letter writing to give advice.


This term we will also be looking at different animals living in the 7 different continents and writing some facts about them using bullet points. In addition to this we will also be looking at David Attenborough who has done some amazing work with animals and finding all about him.





This term we are exploring Plants (take 2). We have been exploring what plants need to survive.

We have planted sunflowers and runner beans (due to the cold snap they are in Miss Boxer’s Greenhouse – waiting for the warm weather)

We will be investigating how to make them tall.

We have been looking around the school finding deciduous and evergreen trees and identifying the difference between them. 


Science Fun

Term 4


'Who is a hero?'


This term in Blue class we will be exploring superheros. What on earth is a superhero and what makes them so super?



Traction Man is here in Blue class! This term we will be looking at one of Miss Boxer's favourite books Traction Man by Mini Grey.



We will be tagging along on all his dangerous missions along with Scrubbing Brush.  The children will be continuing their sentence work ensuring to remember ...

Full stops  

Capital letters  

Finger spaces 

and a few adjectives 






In maths we will be practicing telling the time by half past and o'clock. The children will be learning to count forwards and backwards from 50. We are trying to imagine and hold large numbers in our heads to count on from – Maybe practice this at home.  We are learning our 2, 5 and 10 times table too!






This term is our DT day see the signup sheet outside the classroom to come in and help the children.

We will be using fabrics this term to create capes and masks for the children’s upcoming performance. 


Term 3

'Castle Adventure'

Who put those castles there?


This term we will be going back in time and going on a ... 

'Castle Adventure'

We will be looking at the different Castles - exploring medieval jobs, food, weapons, games, architecture, toilet habits and lots more.




Blue Class are in need of Royalty! Every day one of the children will either be Queen or King for the day. They will get all the special privileges that come with being royalty for that day!

So be sure parents to address your child by either 'Lady' or 'Sir'

(otherwise you risk losing your head)







In English we will be using the traditional fairy-tale story ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ to explore traditional elements of fairy-tales.

We will be looking at settingcharacters and language! We will be role-playing, making finger puppets, creating story maps, describing, predicting and lots more.


Why not look at another fairy tale and see if you can spot any similarities.




This term we will be exploring lots of different materials.  

Here are some key questions we will be investigating:


What material is the best to protect and object from water? 

What material is the best to protect and object from the a great fall? 


What material is the best to protect and object from to keep heat in?


Have a look at home - what materials can you see/feel what is there same or different?


Our Kings and Queens of Blue Class Castle

Egg Drop Challenge

Term 2

'All Around the World'


This term we will be exploring different countries and cultures within our exciting topic 

'All Around the World'

We will be looking at the different celebrationsartwork and traditions in other countries and continents. We will also  be lucky enough to have a go at making some of other countries famous cuisines

(the children might share or they might not).






In English we will be using the text 'The Story Tree' by Hugh Lupton to explore various folk tales and stories from different countries and cultures from all around the world.

The first story we read was an African-American folk tale called 'The Sweetest Song'.

Blue class found it very similar to a well-known fairy-tale involving a; red-clocked girl and a big bad wolf.

 We have been extremely busy visualising the setting, role playing different characters and will be looking forward to doing lots of writing activities too!


Our next story is called Monkey-See, Monkey- Do.






This term we will be exploring lots of different weather conditions and the changes that occur in the season of Autumn .  A big thank you to everyone who brought in a plastic bottle to make a rain gauge... we have made them and the jelly has set so it's now only a case of putting them outside to measure the rainfall. 


Beach Visits


Our beach visit focus for this term is

 'Drama and Role Play' 

We have already got off to a great start role playing the story 'The Sweetest Song' on the beach.  We took turns to role play emotions, feelings, story settings and changes in the plot. 



Term 1

Amazing Dinosaurs - ''Where have all the dinosaurs gone?''

This term Blue Class are exploring and learning about the 'AMAZING DINOSAURS!' We have discussed what we already Know about dinosaurs, what we Would like to know and we are continually adding to what we have Learned to our KWL board.


A highlight of this month was when we all looked at 3 different (real) fossils that Miss Boxer brought in.  A Spinosaurus’ tooth, a tiny bit of dinosaur egg shell and … dinosaur POO! Everyone was horrified when they were told they had passed round poo that was 7 million years old. 


We have looked at many different dinosaurs that lived in the 3 different eras.

  • Triassic
  • Jurassic and
  • Cretaceous

Here is a list of some of the dinosaurs we have been looking at... we  have lots of fun trying to say their names, so have a go!











Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)



Below is a great website all about dinosaurs with lots of games and facts.‚Äč




For the past 3 weeks we have been reading ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds.


This lovely text has provided the children with lots of opportunities to role play, hot seat the characters, draw, diary write, story sequence and write from the perspective of Harry but also his magical, fantastic, mysterious and clever dinosaurs. We have had a big focus on using lots of adjectives to improve our writing. 







We have been so busy in maths adding, subtracting, learning about ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ as well as measuring, counting, number bonding and shape hunting.

We have been using fantastic resources to help us such as: links, feet, unifix cubes and Numicon. Last week we made a shocking discovery when dinosaurs went wild in our classroom and made such a mess! They left footprints everywhere so, logically, we got out our cubes, links, hands and feet to measure them. Have a look at some of maths pictures to see how much we are learning.



What a wonderful world we live in! This term we are looking at Plants and some of their amazing features.

We have been outside looking at the different types of plants. We have been pulling up plants looking at their roots and shoots. We will be looking at trees and their bark in more detail. When you are out and about keep an eye out for any weird and interesting plants.


Our Amazing Workshop about Dinosaurs!


We had a fantastic time learning about the things Dinosaurs left behind!

It was great seeing Miss Boxer hold dinosaur poo (It gave her a taste of her own medicine after making us hold some!).


We became palaeontologists for the morning - digging up bones, skulls, shells and claws! We learned about all kinds of different dinosaurs and some that used to walk around Whitstable!






Our DInosaur Workshop

Academic Year 2014-2015

Term 6

Tuesday 2nd June - Friday 24th July

'Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!'

Victorian Day

On Friday the 3rd of July Westmeads children became Victorian children for the day!

Everyone, including the teachers, dressed up as Victorians.  The Rainbow theatre came and taught us all about the lives of Victorian children.  We learned about what they did at school and what jobs they had to do! It was not an easy life for them.


This half term we have lots planned! Year 1 will be swimming every Monday and on 29 June will be getting some tips from an expert Olympic swimmer! Look out for photos here soon...

Swimming with an Olympian!

Blue Class had great fun swimming with Chris Cook  this week! Chris gave some expert tips to all three swimming groups, joining the children in the water and demonstrating different swimming techniques. He was really impressed with how well all the children listened to their swimming teachers and how good their swimming was. Well done Blue Class!

As part of our topic about the seaside, we are going to be finding out how children enjoyed themselves at the beach in Victorian times. On Friday 3rd July the Rainbow Theatre will be visiting school and the children will take part in a Victorian Workshop.

School Games


We had great fun running, jumping, throwing and Speed Stacking as fast, far, high and quickly as we could! Blue Class were fantastic, cheering for each other and trying their best in each activity. It was great fun and we were pleased so many parents, grandparents, siblings and friends came to join in the fun. Some even took part in the adults' race (and so did Albie's little brother!).

Next time you are in Whitstable, why not pop into the Horsebridge Centre and take a look at the wonderful works of art produced by Westmeads children. Children in Blue Class have produced some fantastic still life paintings of flowers, which will be on show throughout June.


The children were very busy last term getting arty and creative for Art Week.  It was a busy week with lots of parents and grown ups visiting and helping us with our creations.  Blue Class made masks using collage, modelled animals from clay and up-cycled juice cartons into bird boxes!

Term 5

Monday 20th April - Friday 22nd May

'All Creatures Great and Small'

This term we are learning all about animals! We started our topic with a mini beast hunt around the school and have done some super writing comparing one mini beast with another. Our story this half term is 'Kassim and the Fox'. After telling the story as we walked around the school meeting the different characters, and then drawing their own story maps, Blue Class are great at telling the story! In the story, Kassim tries to buy bread at the Bakery, and Blue Class made their own bread rolls.

Blue Class have been working with Adam's mum, Clare, to create some observational drawings of flowers. Take a look at some of the great pictures they have drawn. 

In maths we will be sorting odd and even numbers and looking at mathematical patterns. You can practise finding odd and even numbers by playing this game:

We had a great time doing our Fun Fitness activities on Wednesday 6th May. And in PE this half term we have started Speed Stacking. We are hoping to get as fast as the experts in this video!

Fun Fitness Day!

An introduction to Speed Stacking

Learn to Stack

Term 4

'Where are we?'


This term we are reading books from all over the world.  We are adding them to a map of the world too, so we know exactly what part of the world they have come from!

So far we have read Handa's Surprise from Kenya, Don't let the pigeon drive the bus! from USA, Look Back from the Dominican Republic and Possum Magic from Australia.



We have been tasting foods from all around the world and on Tuesday the 10th of March, Sachin's Dad is coming in to do some Indian cooking with us!


We celebrated World Book Day on March the 5th by creating our own book of riddles.  In English we have been learning to use question marks and exclamation marks.  We have used these in our riddles and have written them using hard clues which get easier.  Some of us used adjectives too!  Come and read our fantastic riddle book - you can find it in our school library!


We have been learning all about the Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy.  He creates his art and sculptures using natural materials.  We loved his art sculptures the best!




Look at our creations we made at the beach!




Book Week

During Book Week, Chris Wormell came in to share some of his stories with us. We loved his books, One Smart Fish and Eric! ... the Hero?


The children helped Chris design a new creature, with the head of a cat, neck of a giraffe and body of a hedgehog!

The final creation! Can you think of a name for our creature?

Food from around the world!

We were very lucky to have Sachin's Dad come to Blue Class to teach us all about Indian cooking.  We tasted different dishes and learned all about the many different spices from all around the world.

Thank you Mr Vaid!

Maths by the sea!

We have been learning about arrays in class.  We went to the beach and made our own arrays using the natural materials we found there.

Term 3

Year 1 had great fun at Canterbury Cathedral investigating our question 'How did they build it?'


As well as a tour of the cathedral, the children took part in different activities linked to our topic on Structures. They built arches and thought about the job of the keystone, they used a winch to lift the heavy stones and chisels to carve into a piece of stone. They also wrote with quills, decorated stained glass windows and designed their own shields.

Canterbury Cathedral Fun!

In maths we have been learning about money and place value.  We have learnt how to partition numbers.  There are lots of games to play to practise this on the website below.

Shopping at School!

Academic Year 2013-2014

Trip to Natural History Museum - May 2014


We had a great day at the National History Museum. We saw all of the dinosaurs in the dinosaur gallery and faced our fears when we approached the giant, roaring, moving T-Rex! We also went into the room with the massive Blue Whale and were amazed at how big it was! The journey may have been long and our coach broke down, but it was all worth it!!

Maths Day - Friday 9th May 2014


Thank you to all the helpers who joined us on our exploratory maths day.  We had loads of fun and learnt lots at the same time too!!!

This term we have been learning about what life was like in Ancient Egypt. We thought about what we would like to find out about. Here are some of our questions.


Why did Ancient Egyptians wear funny clothes?


Did Egyptians have ancient necklaces?


Why was Tutankhamun so rich?


Where is Egypt?


How did Ancient Egyptians write?


What are mummies and how are they made?


My Cartouche

Click on the document below and see if you can make your very own Cartouche!

In maths we have been learning about money and place value.  We have learnt how to partition numbers.  There are lots of games to play to practise this on the website below.

Blue Class at work.

Visit to Whitstable Castle.