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Year 1 - Purple Class

Welcome to Purple Class!

Mrs Quinn, Ms Roberts and Miss Meyler would like to welcome you to Purple Class.

Academic Year 2015-2016


Our class!

Term 6

'The Olympics'

Well we are now in our final term of Year 1! Where on earth did that academic year go??!

However, we are really looking forward to a very exciting 'Olympics' themed term ahead!

Keep your eye on our page for Samba dancing, our very own Westmeads Olympics and lots of work on our chosen country to focus on.... Jamaica!!!!!!



This term we will be swimming at Whitstable pool every Monday morning. We have already learned so many new skills and are looking forward to our swimming lessons each week! Remember we need helpers to walk back to school with us so parents/carers feel free to stay and watch then help us walk back to school at 10 o'clock :)

Samba Dancing!!

As we are focusing on 'The Olympics' and the Olympics are being held in Brazil this year, we thought we would embrace a little Brazilian spirit and learn their national dance!

We had lots of fun perfecting the 6 moves of Samba... ask your child to show you them at home and get practicing!

Happy dancing!

Westmeads Olympics!

We had a really great day at our own Olympics! We loved all of the events and would like to say thank you for coming to cheer us all on! Photos to follow...

Term 5

'All Creatures Great and Small'


This term we will be reading the story 'Wild' by Emily Hughes. We will be exploring the life of a 'wild' character that lives in the jungle with animals for friends. One day she encounters some new 'animals' that think they can 'help' her... but can they...?

This book is full of opportunities for our pupils to explore feelings, appearances, settings and opinions. We will do so through a range of activities including role play, freeze frames, writing as a character and also letter writing to give advice.

Role Play Area

Thank you for the amazing pieces of work! You all have been very busy researching and creating... Have a look at how good it all looks!

Caterpillars to Butterflies!

We are very excited to have some caterpillars in our class! We will be keeping a very close eye on them in the coming days and weeks to see them (hopefully!) turn into beautiful butterflies. Feel free to pop in to have look and say hello to our new little members of Purple Class!


This term we are exploring Plants. We have been investigating plants around the school and will be planting our very own sunflowers and runner beans. We can't wait to get outside in the sunshine to investigate roots, shoots, trees and leaves!

Term 4


'Who's a hero?'

This term we exploring the theme of Superheroes!


We will be focusing on lots of art, design and technology opportunities (don't forget to sign up for our D&T Day!) and not forgetting our big performance at the end of the term! Be prepared to see a Superhero extravaganza!!!!!!!



We will be reading 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey and will be busy role playing, character-describing and mission-exploring!


The children will be focusing on using their Sentence Menus in order to secure the simple sentence structure, as well as adding lots of detail and adventurous language to enhance their writing.




We have been busy telling the time and multiplying and dividing this term. Have a look at some of the fun activities we have been getting up to. in school and on the beach...



We have been going on fairy-tale adventures in PE! Exploring enchanted forests, meeting elves, saving unicorns, finding baby dragons, banishing evil wizards and wicked witches... We've been very busy in our dance classes!

Term 3

Castle Adventure

'Who put that castle there? Why?'

This term we will be learning all about castles! We will be looking at the different Castles - exploring medieval jobs, food, weapons, games, architecture and lots more!



In English we will be using the traditional fairy-tale story Rumpelstiltskin’ to explore the features of fairy-tales.

We will be looking at the all-important castle setting, describing the characters, looking at the different language used and focusing on the importance of the conversations between characters.

We will be writing recounts, role-playing, making finger puppets, creating story maps, creating character descriptions, predicting and much more.


Why not look at some other fairy tales and see if you can spot any similarities?

Term 2

'All Around the World'

This term we will be exploring different countries and cultures within our exciting topic 'All Around the World'. We will be looking at the different artwork, traditions and celebrations in other countries and continents. We will also  be lucky enough to have a go at making some of other countries famous cuisines... so watch this space!


In English we will be using the text 'The Story Tree' by Hugh Lupton to explore various folk tales and stories from countries and cultures around the world. We have begun by reading the African-American folk tale 'The Sweetest Song' and are busy visualising  the setting, role playing different characters and will be looking forward to doing lots of writing activities too!


This term we will be exploring lots of different weather conditions and seasonal change throughout autumn. Thanks to everyone who has brought in their plastic bottle to make a rain gauge... we can't wait to start our investigations into rain fall during November!

Beach Visits

Our beach visit focus for this term is 'Drama and Role Play' and we have already got off to a great start role playing the story 'The Sweetest Song' on the beach. We improvised and imagined what the little daughter would have picked if the story setting had been the beach instead of the woods...

Term 1

Amazing Dinosaurs - ''Where did all the dinosaurs go?''


This term we are busy learning all about Amazing Dinosaurs! We have already discussed what we already Know about dinosaurs, what we would Would like to know and are adding what we have Learned to our KWL board.

Ask your children at home to tell you about some of these ideas! no

Have a look in our Dinosaur Den!!

Thanks for all the fab homework projects that are proudly on display! smiley


We have been very busy reading 'Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs' in Purple Class.

We have been doing a 3 week focused plan on this lovely text that has equipped the children with lots of opportunities for sequencing, role play, hot seating, drawing, labelling, diary writing and writing from the perspective of not only Harry, but his dinosaurs too! We love this book... Why not read some of the 'Harry' collection at home??


In maths we're learning about addition, subtraction, more than, less than and equal to through Numicon. We have also been busy measuring DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS! (they sneaked into our class and left them everywhere!) using non-standard units- have a look at the pictures to see how much fun we are having learning frown


Our topic in Science this term is Plants. We have been outside lots exploring and finding roots and shoots, and will be looking in at more detail at trees and their bark. Keep an eye out for interesting plant finds on your weekend walks when you're out and about.

Proud Cloud

Keep trying hard to get your name on the class Proud Cloud... The more names you get on the cloud, the more chances you have to win the Friday Raffle!

Working Walls

Keep an eye on our class display boards to find out what we are working on throughout the week...

Academic Year 2014-2015

Term 6

'Oh I do Like to Be Beside the Seaside'

Victorian Life!

What an amazing experience we had dressing up as Victorians and participating in some historical drama. It was amazing to be part of a Victorian school or a factory or collecting 'pure' (yuck!) The children had a great experience and learnt so much about the Victorian period.

Watching the Clouds float by!

On one of our beach walks we looked at the clouds. It was lovely to lie on the beach and just watch the clouds float by!. We the learnt all about the names of the different clouds (the names are very hard to pronounce!) We identified different types of cloud in the sky over the beach and sketched them.

Science day was very interesting and we made buildings out of marshmallows and spaghetti!

We also learnt all about the first flight and then made our own paper aeroplanes.

Purple Class would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who helped us on Science Day.

Purple Class had an amazing day at Sports Day. We especially enjoyed the parents race!

Purple Class have been getting out in the sunshine to identify plants in our garden. We found most of the plants on our list, luckily brambles were hard to find!

Purple class began the term with a hunt for pirate treasure and a day exploring pirates. We made ships biscuits which were very hard and not very tasty!

Term 5

Monday 2oth April - Friday 22nd May

'All Creatures Great and Small'

Pizza Express


What a way to end the term, Purple class had a great morning at Pizza Express. We were made to feel very welcome and had a fantastic morning learning all about different vegetables and making Pizza. I'm sure we all enjoyed our pizza when we got home!

Nepal Fundraising.

Purple Class brought their change to school to add to the whole school fundraising event for the earthquake Victims in Nepal. We shared lots of thoughts about the earthquake and thought deeply about the people who lived there. Ms Cordiner's daughter was in Nepal when the earth quake happened and  Polly shared a lovely book all about Nepal and shared some information about a child that her family sponsors.

Purple Class Art Day.

Wow what a fantastic day we have had learning all about the art of Eric Carle. We learnt all about collage, fabric painting and painting using a variety of implements and tools. Thank you to all the parents who came along to join in with the day. Check out the links for Eric Carle's web site, he has a dedicated picture book art page. 

Purple Class are really looking forward to their art day on Monday 18th May. We are going to be learning all about the art of Eric Carle. Eric Carle has written over 70 books and has illustrated them using a variety of artistic styles. He aims to teach children all about nature through his books and wonderful art.

We are really excited about sharing our learning with parents.

Music Recital.

On Friday Purple Class were treated to a musical recital. We listened attentively as Marcie played her Cello to us. Thank you Marcie it was a real treat to listen to you play, well done.

In Maths we have been consolidating our place value skills. As it was such a beautiful day we went out to collect natural items for our place value crowns. Each child chose a card and that card had the number of objects they had to collect. When we all had a crown we made some two digit numbers, we thought about how many tens and how many ones in each number. We used each other to make the numbers.

We have been getting very active this term and had great fun at the Street Dance Workshop. We also had a great morning of fun P.E skills where we challenged ourselves to really do our best. Purple Class proved to be quite a competitive bunch!!

In our story 'Kassim and the Hungry Fox'  Kassim goes to the bakers shop and it is closed. Poor Kassim can't buy any bread for his Mum.  Luckily Purple Class came to the rescue, we had a letter from Kassim to see if we could help so we made some yummy bread for ourselves and Kassim!

This was a great time to make bread as we were learning all about measuring in Maths so we extended our Maths learning and used weighing scales to measure the ingredients.

To link in with our theme on creatures and habitats we have been retelling the story of 'Kassim and the Hungry Fox' It's a warning tale, Kassim's mum warns him to 'watch out for the fox!' Unfortunately Kassim doesn't listen! Ask your children to share the story with you. They could use the photos below to help the retell the story.

In Maths we have been measuring. We thought about all the different ways we could measure objects. We decided that for small spaces we could use feet or hands but for large spaces we may need to use whole children! We also discussed more traditional ways of measuring such as rulers and tape measures.

Purple Class had a fantastic introduction to the theme of 'All Creatures great and Small' We had a bug hunt around the school and found lots of interesting creatures and discovered their habtat. Mrs Barker had the great idea to look under the compost bin where we were rewarded with the opportunity to get friendly with a slow worm!

Term 4

Monday 23rd February - Wednesday 1st April

'Who are We?'

Purple Class Authors.

Purple Class have been doing some amazing writing based on our character flaw story 'The Lorax' Children have been adapting the story to make it their own. They have changed the setting from 'The land of the Grickle Grass' to 'Whitstable Beach' and 'Westmeads Rec'.

They have been engaged in their writing and have chosen to use characters like Voldermort, Power Rngers, a Naughty Princess and Sonic the Hedgehog . Lots of children had the idea of a Hooverer who hoovers up the sea water in Whitstable to make water to sell! As you may know  with the help of Blue Class we turned this idea into our spring production 'The Hooverer' which the children performed with great excitement.



Some examples of our fantastic Character Flaw stories

The children are very proud of their writing and want to share it with each other, so our story sessions during fruit and milk will now feature our very own Purple Class authors!

An Eggciting Day at Westmeads!

Phew What a day Friday 27th March was! We had a fantastic time decorating biscuits and making birds as part of the Easter activities provided by the Friends of Westmeads. Thank you very much 'Friends' from Purple Class.


We also had a very eggciting! Easter Egg hunt all around the school! Purple Class could hardly contain the excitement as they looked around the school for clues, which led them to some very tasty treats!

Solar Eclipse and Owls!

We had an amazing day on Friday the 20th March, the day began with us all thinking about 'life the universe and everything' as we watched the Solar Eclipse. We watched the event on our lovely new clever touch boards and were amazed at the incredible pictures of the event.

As if that wasn't exciting enough we then had a visit from 'Night Owls' who brought some beautiful owls to school. They told us all about owl habitats and told us some interesting owl facts.  The birds then flew across the school hall which was very exciting!

Mothers Day Tea.

As a thank you to all our fantastic mothers Westmeads organised a Mothers Day Tea. Mums came along and had a nice relaxing cup of tea and then joined their child in their class to make a special mothers day gift. It was great to see so many mums enjoying the afternoon.

As part of our book week celebrations we had a visit from Chris Wormell. He read us some of his fantastic stories and drew a mythical creature based on our suggestions. We created a truly magical creature!

In English we have been learning all about stories where the character has a flaw and does something wrong. We have used 'The Lorax' to inspire our own writing and to help us to think about our place in the world and the importance of our natural world. We have innovated 'The Lorax' story and made our own stories about places that are special to us, like Whitstable beach. We have been using adjectives and similes. In class we all decided on an everyday toolkit for our writing, that is what we should put in out writing everyday. Purple class decided that we should always have the following features in our writing.

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces
  • Good sounding out

Character flaw stories

Ms Cordiner was very excited to go on her very first beach walk as she has never been to Whitstable beach! Before we left school we looked at the work of Anderew Goldsworthy. His work inspired us to create some natural sculptures at the beach.

In our writing we used the skills we learnt last term to write some information leaflets about Whitstable. We thought about places we visit with our families and that are important to us. We talked about Westmeads Rec, the beach and the colourful beach huts. We taught Ms Cordiner lots about Whitstable!


Our theme this term is 'Where are we?' This term we will be learning all about our place in the world. We will learn about our local area as well as learning about some other countries that we may have visited or read about.

As an introduction to our theme we had a food tasting morning. We tried food from Italy, India. Mexico and Greece. We all enjoyed the food and especially loved the Pizza. (Purple class do love Pizza!)

Throughout the morning we learnt interesting facts about the countries and evaluated the food.

Academic Year 2013-2014

Term 1 2013  " Why do things change or not?"

We are exploring all types of changes from making toast to colour mixing paints.

We have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and have learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly - from egg, to caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly.

We also explored photographs etc of Whitstable in the past and discussed how Whitstable has changed from then into modern day Whitstable.


On Wednesday 16th October we did our class assembly for children, teachers, parents and carers.  We were a little nervous but we enjoyed it in the end!

Thank you to those who came to watch. smiley

Term 2 2013 "Is anybody out there?"


This term we have been learning all about Space.


We have learnt about what happened in the moon landing of 1969.  It was the first time that any man had walked on the moon.  Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon while Michael Collins looked after the spacecraft.


We were so excited about the moon landing that we all made booklets about the astronauts, how they got to the moon and how they got home.

Term 3 2014 "What was life like for children in Ancient Egypt?"


This term we are turning the clocks back thousands of years to learn about Ancient Eygpt.


We have learnt about hieroglyphs which were pictures that the Ancient Egyptians used instead for writing letters.  We have painted cartouches with our names in hieroglyphs.


We have also learnt about mummification and how the Ancient Egyptians made mummies.  We can even try this for ourselves in our role play area!


During Art week we will be making all sorts of things from mod roc masks to clay amulets and our very own jewellery.


Keep checking back for photographs soon.



Term 5 2014 
Term 6 2014



  • Our P.E. days are Thursdays and Fridays.  Please make sure your children take their earrings out before coming to school on these days.