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Year 2 - Green Class

Welcome to Green Class!

Mr Wraight and Mrs Raymer would like to welcome you to Green Class.

Hello and welcome to Green Class.


Mr Wraight is our teacher and Mrs Raymer is our teaching assistant. We love learning and particularly enjoy reading. We read our favourite books in our very own class reading rocket! We have lots of favourite books - one of Mr Wraight's favourite books is The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. We enjoy listening to stories by Julia Donaldson.


In Green class we enjoy collecting points for great work and behaviour and strive to do the best we can to achieve well. We are motivated to learn and cannot wait to learn about lots of exciting new things this year!!

Academic Year 2015-2016

Term 6



Well we have finally reached the final term of Year 2! What a busy final year at Westmeads we have had. As the year draws to a close we have a term that promises to be one that the children will never forget!


English / History


We are learning all about the Olympic Games this term and we have started by exploring the history: exploring the Ancient Olympic Games. The children have discovered some very interesting facts, including that originally only men were able to compete! How unfair!


We have been writing all of these interesting facts independently remembering to include different types of sentences (commands, questions, statements and commands).


This year's Olympics are being held in Rio 2016 and we have been researching the country of Brazil. We have learned about their culture, weather, landmarks and food. We have used this information to make comparisons to life in the UK.


As the term progresses, we shall be learning about the USA and comparing this country with life in Brazil and the UK.




This term we are consolidating our maths learning from across the year and beginning to prepare ourselves for some of the types of maths we will come across at Junior School.


We have revisited multiplication and division using inverse and some of us have tackled division involving remainders.


We hope to be entering some of Green Class into a Times Table Bee at some point this term. Look out for letters home with more information soon!!


Samba Dance Workshop


We have had great fun learning how to dance a traditional Samba dance. We put together the moves and then performed to each other.


Look out for our Samba dance performance on Sports Day!! Take a look at the photographs of us practising.


Sports Day / Westmeads Games


What a great day we had this week for our Sports Day. Every single child put 100% effort into every event and we had a fantastic time! Well done to mums and dads as well, you were great sports!!


Take a look at the photographs!

Term 5

'Let's Explore'

Well here we are in Term 5 and still with lots of lovely exciting things planned before the end of the year!


This term we are learning to explore with a particular focus on the early explorations of Captain James Cook. Thank you to all those children who created some wonderful homework pieces all about Captain James Cook and his travels. They look great in our Interactive learning area!

We look forward to welcoming 'History Off the Page' on Monday 9th May to spend the day with Year 2 in a Tudor Explorers workshop. This promises to be a great day full of hands on learning experiences culminating in the re-enactment of a traditional Tudor Banquet.


We are asking for any parent volunteers to come along to help out on the day for any length of time between 9am - 3pm (costumes preferred, but not essential! smiley). Thank you to all those parents who have already offered to support - it is greatly appreciated as without you the event could not go ahead.



In our English lessons this term we have been focusing on the HISTORY of Captain James Cook. We have been 'role playing' Cook's journey to Australia and writing recounts of his voyage as Diary entries. We continue to take pride in handwriting and presentation but are particularly focusing on the use of varied sentence starters and joining words in our sentences this term.


We have also learned all about the continents of the world in our GEOGRAPHY lessons and written about them using different sentence types. We can now write statements like 'Parts of Russia are in Europe and Asia'; questions like 'Why do penguins live in Antarctica?'; commands like 'Book to visit Mexico today for the best deals!'; and exclamation sentences like 'What an amazing time you will have!'



In PE this term we have been lucky enough to be offered free tennis coaching from Helen at Appeti Tennis. We have learned so many new skills and enjoy putting these into practise during the lessons but also afterwards during our own PE sessions. We have learned how to hold the racket properly, how we should control and move with the ball and how to rally with a partner, plus much more! Do ask the children what they have been doing as they have really enjoyed it!


Our other PE session this term in Kwik Cricket. So far, we have learned how to be a good fielder by catching and turning to throw the ball quickly and how to over-arm bowl with increasing accuracy. We look forward to building on these skills as the weeks progress!


Do please make sure that your child has got a complete PE Kit in School on Wednesdays and Fridays as we would not like them to miss out on these exciting activities because of no kit! Thank you!!



Our Science Topic this term is 'Materials' and we are learning about the properties of different materials and how these properties determine which materials are used to make different things.


By the end of the term we aim to have designed and made our very own boat, in the style of Captain Cook's ship the Endeavour, out of appropriate materials that can float and travel at speed to compete in a Year 2 Westmeads Boat Race. We will use all of the knowledge gained during our science lessons to ensure our boats are made of the best materials to survive the 'choppy seas' and can win the race against red class! May the best class win! surprise


We have also been visited this term by some caterpillars who we are nurturing into butterflies over the coming weeks. We will be keeping a caterpillar and butterfly diary and will provide updates on here for every stage in the life cycle of our butterflies. Watch this space!



This term in Art we have been learning all about Australia Aboriginal Art. Mrs Lambirth has taught us about were the art originated from and what the symbols and designs represent.


We have explored different materials that the aboriginals used to paint with, such as charcoal, sand and beetroot and have looked at different painting tools such as cotton buds.


We have looked at the meanings of different symbols and used some of these to design and create our own aboriginal pictures by painting dot patterns using cotton buds. Look out around the school for a display of all our great work coming soon!



This term in maths we have been working on developing our mental maths skills by exploring a range of techniques to help solve a range of number sentences involving all four operations (add, subtract, divide and multiply). We have been working on inverse and using times table facts to help solve division problems.


We have looked at using = as a balance and working out missing number sentences on either side of the = sign. (For example, 10 + ? = 20 - 4, we would use our knowledge of number bonds to 20 to help us solve 20 - 4 as 16 and then use the knowledge of = as a balance to know that 10 + ? = 16 so therefore ? must be 6).


These activities are helping the children to develop strong mental maths strategies whilst still  allowing opportunities to use resources such as Numicon and cubes to consolidate.



This term we have been learning about Judaism.


We have learned that the symbol for Judaism is the Star of David and we have used our joining techniques learned in DT to make and decorate our very own stars.


We have been finding out about Jewish festivals such as Shabbat and Hannukah and comparing them to other religions we have learned about like Christianity.

Term 4


Green Fingers

'How Does Your Garden Grow?

Wow! Term 4 already! Time flies when you are having fun!


This term is quite short but we have got so much planned! Our topic is Green Fingers and we are looking forward to growing and planting as the weather starts to improve.


Look out for the special events this term including Mother's Day, Book Week, DT Week and much more.


We are looking forward to visiting the Beach again this term - please do sign up to help with this, if we don't get enough volunteers each week we are unable to go!!

Thank you once again for all your fantastic homework about Green Fingers! I'm sure you will agree (photo to follow..) the display showcasing it looks amazing - thank you Mrs Raymer!



This term we are focusing on descriptive writing, letter writing and instructional writing. We will be exploring different settings in the book 'The Garden' - role playing the key events in the story and using adjectives and adverbs to enhance our descriptions.


We will be reading the story 'The Gardener' and exploring the structure and purpose of letter writing - responding to and devising our own letters.


During book week, we are being visited by children's author Alan Durant. We are excited to show him all of our work on one of his most popular books 'Angus Rides the Goods Train' - it also happens to be one of Mrs Lambirth's all time favourites too!

What a great time we had on Thursday 10th March when Alan Durant visited us. In Year 2 we asked Alan lots of questions about his work and he has inspired many of us to become authors when we grow up! Take a look at some photos...



This term we are learning about plants. We will be revising the parts of a plant, learning about the best conditions for growing and practising our experimenting, observing and testing skills.


So far we have enjoyed using different science equipment, such as hand lens and magnifying glasses to explore and classify different seeds and have been outside planting in the Westmeads garden.



This term we are visiting the Beach with a Geography focus.


Thank you to the mums, dads and grandmas that have helped make our visits possible so far this term. We have been using map skills and learning to orientate ourselves using 'birdseye view' and basic navigational directions.



Our maths skills continue to develop as the year progresses. We are particularly focusing on broadening our skills base this term introducing a range of techniques for subtracting two 2-digit numbers, recognising and identifying fractions of quantities and time. We have also spent some time looking at directional language and have worked in a cross-curricular way  with Computing using the Bee-bots.



Another fantastically successful week at Westmeads this week!


Thank you to all those mums and dads who were able to spare some time to come in and read to us in Green Class. It is a pleasure to share with you our love of reading! See if you can spot yourself in one of the photos...


Also a huge well done to every member of Green Class for making such a super effort on dress up day. You all looked amazing and I loved seeing your excitement and enthusiasm for your character and the related stories. We shared our favourite stories and spent time discussing our favourite authors - as well as designing and making our very own bookmark!


Have a look at the photographs below - I wonder if you can guess who we are all dressed up as!

Term 3

'I want to tell you a story'


15.1.16 Mr Lambirth visits Green Class

On Friday we were visited by Mr Lambirth who told us a story called ‘Raja’s Big Ears’. We were inspired by his enthusiasm and enjoyed learning the different techniques involved in telling a story.


We then created a storyboard of the story, drawing pictures and writing key words to help us to retell the story.


Once we had created our storyboards we then teamed up with a member of red class and retold the story. We also listened to them tell us story that Mr Lambirth had told them.  We had great fun and cannot wait to write our own!!!

This term in Green Class we are learning about the history of storytelling and will be learning how to be good story tellers. We will be focusing on the question 'What's in a Story?'.


We are going to learn the techniques involved in storytelling and will work on creating and telling our very own story. We hope to be able to share these stories with you all - once we have created them in a story camp at the end of term (dates will be announced once they have been finalised). To inspire some wonderful storytelling we are being visited by Professor Andrew Lambirth (President of the United Kingdom Literacy Association) on 15th January for a storytelling workshop!



Thank you!


A big thank you to all those children in Green Class who have created a poster, leaflet or information sheet about their favourite book - Mrs Raymer has created a fantastic display of these in our interactive learning area - take a look at the photos...



Wow what busy Christmas' we have all had in Green class - this week we have been working hard on writing recounts of our Christmas holidays. It seems that Father Christmas has been very kind to us all this year!


Next week we will be starting work on our story telling unit where we will be thinking of, planning and writing our own stories. This term we are continuing to develop our use of the sentence menus to support our writing and are focusing particularly on the presentation of our work - taking pride in ensuring that all our efforts are to the best of our abilities, accepting nothing but the very best for ourselves!



This term in our computing lessons we are going to be completing a photography project linked to our English learning. We will make a record of our storytelling work by creating a photo book of the story as we perform and re-enact it.


This will help to develop our computing skills in using digital cameras and other devices with increasing confidence. Any offers of the loaning of any digital cameras to support this work would be much appreciated and gratefully received.                     



Our PE this term is Multi-skills on a Wednesday and Speed stacking on a Friday. We are very lucky to have the added benefit of Mrs Thomas' support during our Multi-skills lessons this term where she can share her expertise and can work with us on different aspects of our learning needs and interests.


Speed stacking has quickly become one of Mr Wraight's favourites and Green class are enjoying the friendly competitiveness that it brings. We look forward to some more exciting 'competitions' within the class and also beyond the classroom where we will be sending a team of speed stackers to compete in a local speed stacking tournament (more information will follow nearer the time).

Term 2


How many ways can we use water? - "What is the secret of rain?"

Christmas has arrived in Green Class!!


Today we have spent the afternoon making Christmas decorations for the classroom and decorating our own classroom tree!


We welcome any donations of good quality unwanted Christmas decorations, including fairy lights to help continue the transformation of Green class into a Christmas Wonderland.


Please come in and have a look once we have finished decorating!! smiley 


Happy Christmas everyone!!

Green Class have been visited by a Christmas Elf!!


We have named him Dobby Twinkle and he will be watching over us and reporting back to Father Christmas each night on how good we have been.


Each day when he returns he is in a different place in the classroom. The only rule is we are not allowed to touch him otherwise he will lose his magic!!


Take a look at where he has been so far....

Today we have visited Whitstable Junior School for an afternoon of fun!


We were all really excited and had great fun taking part in a variety of activities, such as learning a song about body parts and adding percussion to it, drawing self portraits and learning about Archimboldo (an artist who made faces out of fruit and vegetables!)


This afternoon will help us to decide which school to go to next year. We met Year 3 children who talked to us about what it is like to go to Whitstable Junior School.



Curriculum Newsletter

We have made a really great start to Term 2 in Green Class. We have been finding out about different ways we can use water and thinking about how different parts of the world may have limited access to water. We have thought of ways we can save water in order to help these parts of the world.


Thank you for all your hard work in producing some fantastic posters, leaflets and booklets all about water and how you use it at home. I am sure you will agree, they look fantastic on display in Green Class.


We began our term by thinking about water around the world and writing facts about the five oceans, the reasons for water shortages, how we use water and how we could conserve water.  We used our sentence menu to help us think about how to structure each sentence including our sentence starters, our conjunctions (joining words) and punctuation.


We have also been looking at poetry and learning to recite a poem off by heart.  The poem we learned is called 'Water, Water Everywhere' and in addition to learning the poem we played instruments and creating movements to bring it to life.  We then used the poem to help us think about grammar, by thinking about the different types of words used: nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.


We are currently reading a cultural book called 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'. We are learning how to write stories by role playing, describing settings, discussing characters and writing descriptions about the main parts of the story. We will then use all of this knowledge to write our own version of the story.


We have been making links between repeated addition and multiplication using the language of 'lots of', using Numicon and multilink to help us!

We have learned how to use a balance to weigh items and can investigate the difference in weight of several different items. We even helped Mr Wraight to teach his wife how to measure out the ingredients to make a cake!!


We used Numicon and gram weights to help us!!


This is one of our favourite subjects in Green Class! This term we are learning gymnastics (travelling safely with co-ordination) and the skills needed for dodgeball.  We are looking forward to playing a full game of dodgeball later in the term!


Our topic during Term 2 is 'Animals including humans'.  So far we have discussed how humans change from babies to children to teenagers then to adults.  We listed key features about each stage of development.  We are now looking at healthy diets and have grouped foods into their 'types'. We know which types of food are healthiest for us.


We are recording our Science learning in a termly 'big book' - come in and have a look at these...

Term 1

Animals and Habitats - ''If you go down to the woods today.''

TERM 1 Duncan Downs Trip


We all had great fun on our visit to Duncan Downs yesterday. We are extremely grateful to Mr Ashley Clark for being our guide throughout our visit, telling us so much interesting information about the history of Duncan Downs and the variety of different habitats present there.


Take a look at the photographs...



We are currently learning about woodland animals and their habitats. In our English lessons we have been researching about foxes and other woodland animals we are interested in (such as Badgers and Eagles) and collating information on their habitat, diet, appearance and sound into our very own non-fiction book.




In Maths we have been learning about place value and using Numicon to solve place value logic problems. We have been practising our skills in recognising and describing 2D and 3D shapes using the correct mathematical vocabulary.




We are learning about  living things and their habitats in Science. We have found out that all living things have 7 common life processes. We remember this by using the acronym 'MRS NERG'. See if you can remember what each letter stands for...




We really enjoy PE in Green Class. We have been trying really hard to learn the new skills involved with Tag Rugby and are enjoying being challenged. In Swimming we are all making great progress and enjoying being in the pool with our friends!


Here is a selection of photographs showcasing our fantastic start to Year 2!!

Academic Year 2014-2015

Term 6

What was life like for a child living in Victorian times?

Herne Bay High Activity Day!

We all had a brilliant time visiting Herne Bay High on Wednesday 17th June! We got to learn lots of new skills on the trampoline (even Mrs Quinn!) and we had a go at wall climbing too. Have a look at our photos below!

Information areas

Thank you all so much for the wonderful pieces of art and information you were busy creating over half term! As you can see below they look fantastic!

Science Day!

We all had a great time carrying out lots of different experiments on Science Day! In our first session we tested which household liquids would react with bicarbonate of soda... with some interesting findings!

In Session 2 we took our learning outside to find the warmest colour... ask you child to find out what results we found.

Finally in Session 3 we turned our weekly beach walk into a Science playground by testing centripetal force. Have a look at the photos to find out who mastered it and who got wet!

Chris Cook visits!

We had a brilliant time training with Olympic swimmer Chris Cook! We all tried our best to complete the circuit he set up for us- we were all very out of breath at the end!!

Term 5

Monday 20th April- Friday 22nd May

'Ha Pea Days'


Whitstable Community Gardens

We all had a wonderful time at the local community gardens on Monday 11th May! We were lucky to have the sun shining and the children had plenty of time to explore the gardens and even taste some of the produce!

We planted pumpkins and squash to bring away with us to continue to grow in school. This was a brilliant local trip and the children would like to thank Chrissi and all the allotment workers for a lovely, informative day!

English: The Pea and the Princess!

We have been reading the book 'The Pea and the Princess' by Mini Grey this term and we just love it! We have been so inspired by the pea (who's not just any pea... but a VIP!) not to mention the Prince (who's very fussy, is 34 and STILL not married!) and the very angry Queen (who gets quite a shock at the wedding!)

The story has enabled us to create some amazing pieces of writing that include: adjectives, adverbs, connectives, expanded noun phrases and similes

Examples of writing include:

- Character Descriptions,

- Diary Entries and

- Newspaper Reports.

All these writing opportunities have been preceded by role play activities (which we just love!)

We hope to create a brilliant Character Description of the Queen by the end of this term!


Green class have been focusing on solving problems by partitioning (Hundreds, Tens and Ones) and we also have been busy learning the rules of multiplication and division.

We are also working on learning the 2, 3, 4 5, & 10 times tables- so keep practicing at home!


Fantasy Flowers

Have a look at some of these... our very own 'Fantasy Flowers'! Not real... but inspired by the Palace allotment :) (and of course our Science theme of 'Plants')


This term we are studying 'Plants'. We have already conducted experiments to test whether plants need water and light to grow. We'll be continuing our investigations into plants and keeping a close eye on the progress of the peas, pumpkins and squash we have planted!

Term 4

Monday 23rd February - Wednesday 1st April

'What lives in the woods?'

This term we've been busy learning all about nocturnal animals!

We're now experts on foxes, bats and owls and we can't wait until the owls visit us on the 20th March!

Habitat Explorers Workshop

To enrich our topic this term we invited the Kent Wildlife Trust to deliver a 'Habitat Explorers' Workshop. We learned all about different habitats around our school and how we can help improve them. Take a look at our habitat designs below!


Beach Visits

Our Beach Visit focus this term has been 'Eco', so we've used our new-found knowledge about habitats to create some for sea creatures... and we had lots of fun!



In Maths we've been busy multiplying and dividing. We've also been looking at the inverse of the operations.

We have investigated symmetry in shapes and found right angles all around the school. Have a look at where we discovered them.....

New and improved 'Proud Cloud'

We've updated the look of the Proud Cloud! So keep trying hard to get your name up there for the chance of winning in our Fab Friday Raffle!!

Terms 1-3

Thursday 4th September - Thursday 12th February

Academic Year 2013-2014

Maths Week

Green Class had so much fun during maths week.  We went on a maths trail around the school. There were lots of challenges like counting all the railings, multiplying, doubling and halving. We found out so much!

We made 3D structures out of rolled up newspaper (this was a little tricky) and made patterns from squares and triangles.

Thank you to the parents who came in to help!

Our fantastic adventure to the Natural History Museum!

It took a long time to get there, but it was worth it!  We had so much fun learning all about dinosaurs.  We saw lots of skeletons of different dinosaurs and our favourite was the gigantic diplodocus.  We especiallly liked the the moving baby T Rex!


Look at our pictures from the Natural History Museum!

Learn your times tables the fun way!

Dancing Country Twos.wmv

Still image for this video

Country Dancing Two

Our trip to the beach Thurdsay 14th March 2014

What a wonderful day we had at the beach this week!


A huge thank you to Bruce, Mrs Curtis-Tooze and Mrs Woollett for accomanpanying us.  We can't do these trips without your support.  Sullivan's Dad; Bruce brought a photo of an Anklyosaurus's leg and compared it to a pig's leg.  It was huge!  He also brought a badger's head and we studied the teeth.  The children decided that the badger was a carnivore because he had sharp, curved teeth.


The children went on a hunt and found 10 items which they sorted into categories.  Some groups sorted their items into 'natural' and 'unnatural' categories. Another group sorted their items into 'amazing' and 'not amazing' categories.


A very exciting thing happenend also: Hugo found his rock with his name on it which he had buried on the beach last year!


We ended our trip by taking all the 'unnatural' items back to put in the bin.

Whatever happenend to the dinosaurs?


Green Class are very busy researching all the different types of dinosaurs and finding out what exactly happenend to them.  This is challenging as different scientists all seem to have different ideas about what exactly happened.


Thanks to Louis, we found out that the Argentinosaurus was probably the biggest dinosaur and the Spinosaurus was the largest meat-eater.  That means the Spinosaurus was bigger than the T-Rex.


We have also been writing our own fictional stories about dinosaurs.  We created our own characters and sent  them on an adventure.  These amazing and exciting stories will be on display so keep a watchful eye out!  (There are definitely dinosaurs about Westmeads!)



What a fantastic day we all had for World Book Day!


Andrew Lambirth came in to read 'Misery Moo' to us.  He also read 'Edwardo' with a super Italian accent.  It was great fun.  What super stories.


Thank you to the parents who came to read with the children - we all really enjoyed this.


There were some amazing costumes and the children enjoyed parading through the hall during assembly.


Art Week

Green Class enjoyed making mosaic pictures, warrior clokes and musical instruments during art week.  All the activities were based on our topic 'What was life life for children in the Aztec civilisation?'

The children made some fantastic pieces of art which you can see here and in some are on display in the hall.


A huge thank you to all the parents that came to help out.

Dinosaurs! ROARRR!

Art Week and Chinese New Year - lots of artistic fun!



We are really looking forward to Art Week.  We are especially excited about our parents and carers coming into help us.  Our art will be based on our Aztec topic.



Green Class learned a lot about being safe around big trucks.  We also had lots of fun climbing in and out of the truck!  Rick taught us to stand back when a truck comes towards us.  He also taught us how to be visible when we are near roads.  We even got a reflective sticker to put on our bags to make us safer when in the dark.

Rick from Gist

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