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Year 2 - Red Class

Welcome to Red Class!

Miss Hyett, Mrs Olson and Ms Pickard would like to welcome you to Red Class!

Academic Year 2015-2016

Term 6


Thank you all very much for your lovely contributions to our interactive learning area - I am sure they will prove invaluable during our research this term!

The last term of the academic year is always a very busy one and this is no exception!  We have our Samba Dance Workshops booked in for 17th June, our School Games Sports Day on 22nd June, as well as an ambassador for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, Mr Danny Aldridge, planning to deliver an assembly and run workshops with the children on 29th June.  In addition to all of these sporting events we are preparing for our Year 2 performance which will be later in the term - I can assure you that it is an event which should not be missed!  


On Monday there were smiles on every face when we took part in our circus skills workshop which was funded by the Friends of Westmeads.  Lots of us learned new skills and were amazed when we watched the magic show at the end of the morning.


Margate, the sunshine and Year 2 all came together on Wednesday 6th July for our wonderful day trip.  We not only had time to visit both the delightful Shell Grotto and Turner Contemporary but also managed lunch and a play on the beach.

What a wonderful way to finish our time in Year 2 at Westmeads.  Magical memories were created!


Herne Bay High School welcomed us last week to take part in some wall climbing and trampolining.  Lots of fun and games were had as we tried out some new sports for the first time.


We had such an inspiring visit from Danny this week when he came to talk to us about communication and self-belief as well as taking the time out to show us some of his great tricks.  Danny's message was loud and clear - "be kind to people, work hard, practise lots and always try your best!".  Some of his stunts and tricks were amazing as you can see below.

Danny jumping over our picnic bench.

Still image for this video

Danny jumping over Miss Hyett

Still image for this video


We had great fun on Friday 17th June when we took part in a Samba Dance Workshop.  We were able to learn all of the moves necessary to create our very own dance which will be unveiled soon!


We all went to Whitstable library to find out about this year's summer reading challenge which is based on Roald Dahl books 'The Big Friendly Read'.  The children loved smelling the different picture cards and trying on the rainbow glasses that you can win if you complete the challenge.  Let's hope that lots of Red Class can get to the library this summer!


We had an exciting start to our new topic when we were lucky enough to actually hold some Olympic/Paralympic medals.  We were fortunate that Craig MacLean's wife was able to bring his Paralympic gold medal from the London 2012 games to show us, along with a photograph of his silver medal from the Sydney games in 2000.  She was able to tell us lots of information about the medals and we were really interested to feel the braille around the outside of the Paralympic medal.


We were able to celebrate the Queen's Birthday in style this year with a kite flying celebration.  Every child in Year 2 spent time making a Union Jack kite which we then took out to the playground for a test run.  Despite the lack of breeze I think we did a rather good job!


This term our writing will be based around the theme of the Olympic Games.  We will begin by looking at the history of the games - how it started, when and why.  We will then take a look at the forthcoming Rio 2016 games finding out about the events that will take place as well as the country of Brazil.  Later in the term we will start to look at our country of choice - Japan.  We will research into the culture, food, sports, history and geography.  This work will involve lots of research, information writing and fact files.

Some of our children will also be invited to read and perform their 'Summer' poems in the Coastal Alliance Poetry Slam later this term.  This is a very exciting local event which the children really enjoy participating in.


Our maths will be based around the theme of the Olympics and as well as revisiting a number of the areas we have looked at throughout the year we will be plotting co-ordinates and using our knowledge of weight, length and data handling to solve some Olympic themed problems.  Later in the term some of our children will be taking part in the Whitstable and Herne Bay Times Table Bee so we will, of course, spend some time rehearsing our tables to help with this!


The theme for our beach walks in this final term is Art we will be taking a look at collage using natural materials.   We have had a good go at replicating some images from the Shell Grotto using pebbles from the beach.  We hope you like our efforts!  

Please help with our beach walks when you are available - the sign up sheet is outside the classroom.

Term 5

'Let's Explore'

This term our topic is 'Let's Explore' and we are looking into the life of Captain James Cook.  Thank you for all of your wonderful pictures, diary entries and information text that make up our interactive learning area - it looks as wonderful as ever!


This was a fabulous end to our topic when all of the children raced their boats in the Red Class v Green Class Boat Race.  Our individual winners were: Alex - fastest boy's boat; Marcie - fastest girl's boat and Sienna - best looking boat.  Congratulations to Green Class for winning the race overall ..... we'll come back fighting next year!

Red Class v Green Class Cricket Match

Whoop, whoop!  Congratulations to all of the children from Red Class who contributed to our amazing victory over Green Class in our end of term cricket match.  Despite losing several wickets during our second innings we still managed to hold on to the lead.  A particular mention should be made for Barnaby and Solomon who maintained a great run rate.


Red Class are pleased to announce that all of our 6 chrysalis (or cocoons) have opened and we now are the proud parents of 'Messi', 'Isla', 'Ginger', 'Fanta', 'Cupcake' and 'Gabriella'.  


What a wonderful time we had at our Explorer Workshop day which was filled with information, role play, making, acting and dancing.  The day concluded with a banquet in the hall where a feast was enjoyed after the hard work.  I know I learned a lot about the types of activities explorers would have undertaken and having looked at the children's writing and drawing I can see that they thoroughly enjoyed the event too.


We have been learning about the 7 continents of the world and writing fact files about their features.  We focused on using all of the 4 sentence types in our writing: command sentences, exclamation sentences, question sentences and statements.  All of us (including the grown ups) learned new things about different parts of the world.  Mrs Olson has created a wonderful display of our best work. 

Now that we have found out all about the 7 continents of the world we can begin to discover where Captain Cook went on his travels.  We have written a diary entry in the first person about James Cook and his crew discovering Australia; we spoke about what he might have seen, smelt, heard and touched when he first arrived.  We also used paragraphs in our writing.


We are now moving on to discussing how Captain Cook's crew felt during their epic boat journey.  We have used 'conscience alley' to help us order our thoughts.   


The whole of year 2 are really enjoying the cross-curricular links of history and geography involved in this topic.


This term we are tightening up on those things we have found tricky so far during the year.  This means we are concentrating on using inverse in division and multiplication, looking at fractions, time and money.  We will also continue to cover a variety of logic and reasoning problems.


We have invested in Mathletics which is an on-line computer resource to use both in the class room and at home.  We are hoping that this will engage and inspire the children to improve their skills.  We will be sending more information home soon regarding this resource but if you have any questions in the meantime please talk to Miss Hyett.


Our science lessons this term are focusing on Materials and we are hoping that by the end of the term each group will have made a boat for our end of term boat race challenge.  Here are some of our children looking at and discussing the properties of wood.


Our PE lessons this term cover learning new skills in tennis and cricket.  We have been extremely lucky to secure the services of Appeti Tennis School for 4 lessons which has meant that the children have all made great progress with their skills.


In cricket we are working on our bowling actions and overarm throwing when aiming at a target.

Term 4

Green Fingers

"How Does Your Garden Grow?"

Sports Relief

Sporting Challenges were the order of the day on Friday 18th March in celebration of Sports Relief.  Intra-School challenges were set up (3 per year group) and the competition was fierce!  Congratulations to the winners on the day .... although it was the taking part that helped us raise so much money!

Design and Technology Day

The whole of year 2 were eco friendly during our DT day when we made a bird feeder from recycled milk bottles, a garden decoration using sticks and a ladybird flower pot using bio-degradable materials.  There was glue and paint everywhere ..... and smiles on every faces!

What wonderful homework you have all contributed to our Interactive Learning Environment.  It has made for a wonderful display.

World Book Day

We have had a wonderful week of celebrations for World Book Day this year which has included parents coming in to read to the children, favourite books being shared by all members of staff, a visit from the author Alan Durant (writer of 'Angus Rides the Goods Train') and all of the children dressing up as a fairy tale character.


This term we are looking at the story 'The Garden' and focusing on describing a scene.  We will move on to comparing a scene from hundreds of years ago to what is around today.  During World Book Week we will be looking at a book titled 'Angus Rides the Goods Train' which is written by our visiting author Alan Durant.  We will then finish the term with some letter writing around the text titled 'The Gardener'.


A great start has been made to the term with our role play outside in our very own Westmeads garden!


We began the term with a look at lines of symmetry, reflective symmetry and right angles.  We then moved on to directional language using phrases such as 'clockwise', 'anti-clockwise', 'quarter turn', 'half turn', etc.  The children had great fun using beebots to follow their friends instructions.  We will soon be moving onto fractions where we will be taking our first look at equivalent fractions.  Later in the term we will revisit number work, including subtraction and partitioning.


This term we will be considering plants and what they need to survive.  After sorting seeds into categories by using a venn diagram we began planting bulbs.  The bulbs will all be placed in different conditions and we will continue our simple test to see which plants will survive (if any after Miss Hyett gets her hands on them!).


This term we will be using our new IMoves dance package to help us with our dance lessons on a Monday morning.  On Wednesday afternoons we will be looking at how we safely use apparatus in our gymnastics lessons.  

Beach Visits

The children have really enjoyed our geography themed beach visits so far this term.  We have undertaken problem solving and mapping activities.  There has been lots of moving around to keep ourselves warm!

Term 3

'I want to tell you a story.'

Story Camp

What other way to end our unit of work on story telling than to tell all of our wonderful parents and carers a story (using our picture book prompts to help us!).  Thank you so much to all of those who came and listened to 'Little River Turtle'.

Pancake Races

I am sure that our cheering and laughter could be heard across the whole of Whitstable on Shrove Tuesday when the whole school took part in pancake races.  Here are some of our best bits but there are also plenty of photos on the Whitstable Times website.

Our Visit to St Alphege Church

To enhance our R.E. curriculum this term we paid a visit to St Alphege Church.  We were very lucky to have Mr Wraight (our resident expert!) show us the main features of the church before we went to explore on our own.

Welcome to term 3 (yes, already!).  This term we are focusing on storytelling and asking the question 'What's in a Story?'  We have already created a mindmap of things we know about stories/storytelling as well as things we would like to know.  Thank you for all of the beautiful and colourful book covers, story quotes and stories that have been created for our interactive learning environment; if you have not yet had the chance to finish yours don't worry, we still have space for them!

We have lots to look forward to this term including a visit from Professor Lambirth (President of the UK Literacy Association) on 15th January to give us some hints and tips for storytelling and a workshop at the end of the term where we invite parents in to tell them our very own tales.  Further information will be sent out when dates have been set.

Storytelling with Mr Lambirth

What a great morning we had, welcoming Andrew Lambirth in to tell us a story and give us hints and tips for our own storytelling.  We heard a wonderful story that engaged us all and it was told in such a way that it made the main parts of the story very easy for us to remember.  We had a wonderful time creating our own story boards and using them to re-tell the story to a member of our own class as well as members of Green Class.  We are going to use all of Mr Lambirth's tips to help us in our forthcoming storytelling adventure.


During the first week we are getting back into the swing of things by writing a recount of our Christmas holidays and thinking of some New Year wishes.

Next week we will move onto our Storytelling Unit where we begin to create our own tales.

We will be using our Sentence Menus to help us with our writing and will continue to focus on our presentation to ensure that we are always completing work to the best of our ability.


Measuring is our initial focus where we have looked at length, weight and capacity.  Our first lesson was lots of fun when we were set the problem "the total length of all of our 10 fingers and thumbs combined is the same as the length of our arm: true or false?"  Look at the pictures to see how our investigation went!

We will be moving swiftly on to have another look at multiplication and division - these are things we are going to be spending a lot of time reinforcing in the next few weeks.


Our PE this term will be Multi-Skills on a Wednesday afternoon and Speed Stacking on a Thursday morning.  There is a speed stacking competition later this term so watch out for some competitiveness in Red Class!

Pantomime Fun

On our return to school we were lucky enough to welcome the M&M Theatre Production Company with their performance of the pantomime Aladdin.  I know that we all had a great time watching and joining in ..... especially Mr Wright!

To see all of the photos please visit our Westmeads' Gallery.

Term 2

How many ways can you use water? - ''What is the secret of rain?''

Curriculum Newsletter

What a wonderful start to the term with all of you creating such wonderful work for our Interactive Learning Area, including posters, information leaflets and diaries on how you use water.  Thank you for helping to make our classroom beautiful!


Christmas arrived at Westmeads early this week with the Christmas Fair.  Look at what fun we had!

African Drumming Workshop

Here are some photos of Red Class enjoying the African Drumming workshop which was held on Wednesday.  I know all of the children had a wonderful time learning how to play the djembe drums .... I think all of the parents who could make the performance enjoyed listening too! smiley

Whitstable Lantern Parade

I saw many of you at the lantern parade on Saturday 28th November and enjoyed singing along while the lights were turned on.  Here are some of the pictures of our lantern making preparations.

Children in Need

Great celebrations were had by all on Friday 13th November for our special Children in Need 'Bring and Buy' Sale.  We are extremely grateful for all of the donations and I am sure all of the children are having fun playing with their purchases.

Come in to see our beautiful book corner!

To help us improve our reading skills, including our comprehension, we have created a very fancy 'reading express' (a big thank you goes out to Mr Penfold for his invaluable assistance here)!  Our aim is to encourage more children to use our book corner and discover the pleasure of reading.  Why don't you jump aboard and take a look at some of our new books, you could read/share them with a friend?


We began our term by thinking about water around the world and writing facts about the five oceans, the reasons for water shortages, how we use water and how we could conserve water.  We used our sentence menu to help us think about how to structure each sentence including our sentence starters, our conjunctions and punctuation.

In week 2 we looked at poetry and learned to recite a poem off by heart.  The poem is called 'Water, Water Everywhere' and in addition to learning the poem we played instruments and creating movements to bring it to life.  We also used the poem to help us with grammar, by thinking about the different types of words used: nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

Here are some photos of us reciting our poems outside and creating movements to help us remember the words.
We are now taking a look at the cultural story called 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'.  As well as conducting our drama lesson on the beach we have created senses grids about the Kenyan village where Lila lives.

Thanks to Mrs Olson and Ms Pickard for our lovely owl poetry display from the work we did at the end of last term.


What a wonderful start to the term with our first look at the link between repeated addition and multiplication ('lots of').  We used Numicon and multilink to help us work out lots of calculations and word problems.


We then moved on to discovering more about weight, using our balances to enable us to solve practical problems.

We have also been taking a look at fractions and realised that we are really good at sharing things between 2 of us (into 1/2) or between 4 of us (into 1/4).


This term we are leaning gymnastics (travelling safely with co-ordination) and dodgeball (one of Miss Hyett's favourite games!).  We are enjoying learning lots of new skills, despite the fact that we have had to stay indoors wink.


Our topic during Term 2 is 'Animals including humans'.  So far we have discussed how humans change from babies to children to teenagers then to adults.  We listed key features about each stage of development.  We are now looking at healthy diets and have grouped foods into their 'types' and are beginning to discuss what foods are healthiest for us.  


Why don't you pop in to have a look at our science 'Big Book' for Term 1 as well as the one we are working on for Term 2?

What a great afternoon we had when we visited Whitstable Junior School for their Science activities afternoon, around the theme of 'Ourselves'.  Take a look at the pictures to see what we got up to!

Term 1

Animals and Habitats - ''If you go down to the woods today.''

Curriculum Newsletter


What a lovely end to the term, watching this science based show which rounded off our topic and helped us reinforce our knowledge about animals and their habitats.  Great fun was had by all.


It was lovely for Red Class to have a visit from Paddy and his owner who taught all of us how to look after a dog.


What a wonderful walk we had to Duncan Downs.  The whole of Red Class would like to extend a big thank you to Mr Ashley Clark, our tour guide, for the informative talk and walk.  We learned so much about the history of the Downs and the habitats there.  It has really helped us with our topic.


We had a great time making our 'Aunt Sally' scarecrow to go with Green Class' 'Worzel Gummidge'!  They were entered into a competition at Westgate Park in Canterbury. Although we didn't win I think we made a great first attempt!

After a 'make over' Aunt Sally and Worzel were taken to Whitstable and entered into another Scarecrow Trail.  Thank you to Mrs Olson and Ms Pickard (along with a few handy helpers) for the re-vamp!

Welcome to Year 2 where we are ready to research our new topic by looking at the question 'which animals live where and why?'  We are planning a woodland trip to Duncan Downs to investigate different types of habitat and are really excited about our visit from the Quantum Theatre on 23rd October where they will be taking us on a 'Journey to the bottom of the garden'!


Thank you to all of the parents who attended our recent 'Meet the Teacher' workshop where we spoke about the routines and expectations of year 2.  If you were unable to attend this meeting, all of the information should be contained in our Curriculum Newsletter.  If you do have any further questions please do not hesitate to speak to me either before or after school.

Thank you to all children, parents and carers for the work on woodland creatures which is currently on display in our classroom.  Great effort!


In our English lessons we have been researching and writing information about foxes and other woodland animals, from all over the world.  To help us focus our research we have used the headings of 'appearance', 'diet', 'sound' and 'habitat'.  There has been lots of shared writing and discussion of ideas.

We will be creating our own non-fiction books about woodland animals which will include a front cover, contents page, information and a blurb on the back cover.  We look forward to the parent/carer workshare where you will be able to look at the finished articles!


In our maths lessons so far, we have looked at both 2d shapes and 3d solids.  We went outside to draw shapes according to the properties described by our friends.

We have also been looking at addition of numbers using our lovely new Numicon resources.  The children are finding this very helpful when solving problems.

To reinforce our understanding and knowledge of place value we have used dienes to help us with 'tens' and 'ones'.


Our PE for this term consists of swimming on Monday mornings and tag rugby on Wednesday afternoons.  Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school, including suitable footwear.


We will be looking out for England's future world cup rugby stars when we select children to represent our school at the Key Stage 1 Tag Rugby Competition later this term!


This term we are looking at living things and their habitats.  So far we have been using the 'Mrs Nerg' processes (movement, respiration, sensitivity, nutrition, excretion, respiration and growth) to help us decide if objects around the school grounds are living, have lived or have never lived.  Thankfully the children realised that I was breathing ..... and that although our new interactive board could move and was sensitive it did not breathe!


We are looking forward to our Quantum Theatre science show at the end of this term.


Currently we are sketching and colouring pictures of woodland animals.

We will then move onto creating our own habitats for animals towards the end of the term.


Also, look out for pictures of our scarecrow!  We have entered a 'Scarecrow Trail' at Westgate Park in Canterbury.  More information will be posted soon!


Researching our woodland animals has kept us very busy on the computers, as has using the 2simple programme to draw pictures and write about our creatures.


We have also used the computers to help us reinforce our understanding of maths processes.


We are currently thinking about different signs and symbols and what they mean to us/our lives.  We are creating our very own Red Class signs which will be on display in the classroom very soon!

Academic Year 2014-2015

Term 6

What was life like for children during Victorian times?


The whole of Red Class would like to say a big thank you to the Friends of Westmeads who paid for our Circus Skills workshop and Magic Show.  There was lots of laughter!


The whole of year 2 had smiles on their faces after our day trip to Margate; the weather was kind to us and we made it to the station on time!  To fit with our Victorian theme we took a tour of the Margate Museum where we were lucky enough to hear all about Margate as a Victorian seaside resort (or health resort as it was known for a while!) and learned that people used to drink a pint of sea water a day - yuck!  


We then took a tour of the Tudor House, which is the oldest building in Margate, and discovered lots of interesting facts about rich and poor Tudors as well as Henry VIII.


What a lot of Victorian children we had at Westmeads today - some child workers and some school children, but all very well dressed!  Great fun was had by all during the Rainbow Theatre workshops and I know the children enjoyed acting as Victorian school children, pure finders, chimney sweeps, factory workers and miners.  We learned so much about Victorian times and in such a wonderfully inventive way.  We would like to extend a big thank you to all of the staff from the Rainbow Theatre Company. 


We are just so lucky at the moment!  To add to the excitement we have had this term, Chris Cook came to visit us on Monday 29th June; he was once again motivational and inspirational when taking part in sporting activities with the children and talking to them about how to "dream BIG, start small".


What a great morning of sport!  I know myself, Mrs Raymer and Mr Wright always enjoy ourselves far more than we should at these events, but it was immense fun this morning!  I hope that everyone else enjoyed it as much as we did .... it seemed to be the case judging by the smiles on everyone's faces!  A special thanks goes to Mr Wright for taking such wonderful photos of Red Class.


We had an incredible day on Friday, carrying out lots of scientific investigations.  We began the morning by looking at chemical reactions using bicarbonate of soda, then moved on to investigate which is the warmest colour (looking at light reflection) and ended the day at the beach testing the law of centripetal force.  Phew!  There were lots of smiling but exhausted children at the end of the day.

If you are in the town during the month of June don't forget to pop in to the Horsebridge to see the amazing art display from each of the classes.  Red Class really enjoyed our wonderful Art Day last term the fruits of our labour are on display!


We also have some lovely events to look forward to this term including a visit from Chris Cook, a performance and workshop from the Rainbow Theatre, our Year 2 performance and Leavers Assembly, Activity Days at Herne Bay High and several inter-school competitions.


With great thanks to the Herne Bay High sports team, Red Class had a wonderful morning enjoying some amazing activities.  I am sure all the children slept well that night!  Wall climbing, dance mats and trampolining were all enjoyed by the children and here are the photos to prove it.