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Year R - Yellow Class

Welcome to Yellow Class!

Mrs Watkins and Mrs Frattaroli would like to welcome you to Yellow Class!


Take a look at what we have been doing in our first year at school!

Academic Year 2015-2016

Term 6



Everyone had a great time taking part in team games and races.   

Flying to Brazil

On Friday 10th June Yellow and Orange class prepared to fly out to Brazil.  To prepare for the trip, the children made packing lists and passports, which included their photos and details.   They also found out  some information about Brazil using information books.  On the day of the flight, they brought their luggage, choosing three items from their lists.

First they had to line up ready to go through passport control. 

Next all the passengers and luggage had to be checked by security, including a sniffer dog and real metal detectors!
Then the passengers had to wait with their cabin bags and hand luggage in the waiting area.  It was a long wait till everyone was ready!

Once everyone was through security, the gates opened and all the passengers started boarding the aircraft.  They had to look at their tickets to find their seat numbers.  Once seated, everyone fastened their seat belts and stowed their luggage under the seats ready for take off.  Members of the crew demonstrated the safety talk in case of an emergency.  Then the plane took off for Brazil!  During the flight passengers had refreshments and watched an inflight movie as it was  going to be a ten hour flight!

The plane landed safely in Brazil just in time for lunchtime!

Term 5

'Under the sea'

Whitstable Lifeboat Station

On Monday 23rd May Yellow and Orange class visited Whitstable Lifeboat Station.  One of the lifeboat crew (Mabel's dad) showed us all the special clothes he has to wear before going out on the boat; a warm suit (like a fur lined onesie), a dry suit with boots attached, a special lifejacket and hard helmet with a built in microphone.  He has less than five minutes to put this all on before going out on a rescue!


The children felt the different parts of the lifeboat and noticed that the bottom of the boat is hard but the top of the boat is rubbery and full of air.  The Whitstable Lifeboat is called 'Lewisco'. 

Fred is the name of the dummy that the lifeboat crew use when they are out training in the sea.  The crew have to practise once a week.

The children also looked at the special tractor that pulls the lifeboat into the water.  It has a special drivers seat and two steering wheels so the driver can face forwards.  There is an escape door in the roof of the cab in case the tractor ever gets stuck! 


This term the children have been practising addition and subtraction.  They have been learning to count on or back from a number, using the number lines and number tracks to support them.  This is different method to solving addition and subtraction problems.

Andy Goldsworthy Beach Walk

On Wednesday 18th May Yellow class planned to go to the beach to design our own Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork using natural things found on the beach. 


Unfortunately it started to rain so the children explored the different sea creatures on the bricks and tiles at the end of Woodlawn Street before heading back to school. 


Once back in the classroom, the children used different things around the classroom to create they own group sea creature, based on some of the techniques used by Andy Goldsworthy.  Each group worked together and created amazing artwork!

The Big Blue Whale

After reading the story 'The Snail and the Whale' Yellow class were inspired to find out how big a whale actually is.  They looked in a whale information book and found out that big, blue whales can be up to 30 metres long!  After measuring a 30 metre line on the playground the adults drew a whale shape in chalk.  Then the children held hands to investigate how many people were needed stretch from the whale's head to his tail.  Unfortunately all of Yellow class (including the adults) could not reach the whole way so they had to borrow ten children from Orange class too! 

Team Games

In PE this term the children have been learning new team games to encourage everyone to work together.  The children have enjoyed participating in races involving hoops and cones.

Yellow and Orange Trip to

Faversham Gym

On Thursday 28th April Yellow and Orange class caught a train to Faversham Gym to finish their 'On the Go' theme.  The children had the opportunity to use a range of gym equipment including trampolines, bars and balance beams.  Then, after a quick refreshment break, they played together on the soft play area.  Everyone enjoyed the trip and were worn out by the end of the day, including the adults!

Our journey on the train to Faversham Gym

The journey back to school on the the Highspeed train

The next day Yellow class created a map of their journey and included the different things that they did and saw on the way.

RNLI Visit to Year R - 27th April

St George's Day

On Friday the children and adults dressed up to celebrate St George's Day.  The children dressed up as knights and dragons, kings and queens, or wore red and white clothes.  During the day Yellow class read the story about St George, made red and white paper chains, created their own scary dragon masks and decorated England flags.  In the afternoon they decorated the classroom with the flags and paper chains.

The children worked together to create their own dragon using the big bricks outside.  They added the STOP signs to warn anyone who tried to walk too close!

Term 4

On the Go

St Patrick's Day

In Yellow class we found out how people celebrate St Patrick's Day at this time of year.  The children decided to make their own shamrock badges and green hats after being inspired by the Irish children in the video.


This week we have been holding a fun and exciting Book Week at Westmeads school.  Yellow and Orange class have been focusing on the story 'One Pig went for a Drive' by the author Alan Durant.

On Monday Yellow and Orange class read just the beginning of the story;

'One pig went for a drive. 

He went for a drive in this motor car. 


Then the children had to carry on the story and think about what might happen next to Harry the pig.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Yellow and Orange class continued on with the story and find out about some of the other pigs that Harry meets on his journey called Myrtle, Winnie, Percy and Sam.  The motor car contiues to keep breaking down and these pigs help Harry out in lots of different ways.  The children then continued their own stories either using Alan's ideas or imagining their own.  Some children went outside to reinact the story in the garden and pretended to fix the car at our Westmeads garage.  A few children decided to design Harry a better car that wouldn't break down!

On Thursday Yellow and Orange class read on and found out that the car eventually explodes so Harry ends up stuck at the circus.  The children decided they were all going to think of another form of transport that Harry could use to get back home such as a tractor, an aeroplane, a space rocket or on a bike. 

Then Yellow class then had a visit from the actual author Alan Durant.  He finished the story and told us that Harry eventually went home by unicycle!  He also read another story he wrote called 'Burger Boy' as well as tell us a little about himself.

Friday everyone in school dressed up as Traditional story characters (even the grown ups).   All the costumes looked amazing!  All the children enjoyed standing up and talking about their story character and retelling their favourite stories to each other.

World Book Day

On Thursday 4th March we celebrated World Book Day at Westmeads School.  Throughout the day Yellow class had opportunities to read and listen to their favourite stories.  Teachers from other classes also came and read in the classroom.  In the afternoon some of the parents came to school to read their favourite children stories too.  Everyone had a great day!

Cars on the Playground

Mr Penfold and Mrs Watkins parked their cars on the playground so that Yellow and Orange class could have a look at the engines under the bonnet and talk about the different parts of cars.  The children added labels to the different parts of the car; window, door, boot, windscreen wiper, mirror, steering wheel,  seatbelt and lights.  The classes compared the cars and noticed that as well as the cars being different sizes, the engines looked different because one car used diesel to run and the other car used petrol.  Everyone got a chance to  sit in the seats and made sure they put on their seatbelts to keep them safe.

After play the children came out with their sketchbooks to do a close observational drawing of part of the car.  They had to look very carefully at the details as they drew.

Westmeads Station

This week Yellow class changed their role play area into the Westmeads train station.  The children have enjoyed taking on the roles of the ticket seller, train conductor, train driver, platform announcer and passengers travelling on the train.  They have worked together as a team to ensure that the trains run on time without delays and that the passengers on the train are looked after by serving refreshments and offering magazines and books to read.  Even Wilson bear went on a trip too!

Our Mindmap

This term our theme is 'On the Go'.  To start us off we thought about all the things we already knew that moved in the air, on land and in water.  The children recorded their  ideas using post-its to add to the class mindmap.

Term 3

Once upon a time... 

Yellow class assembly

Thank you to all the parents who came to watch Yellow class assembly on Thursday 11th February.  The children really enjoyed retelling their story and sharing all the things that they have learnt this term.  Their favourite part was when they danced the Gummy Bear dance at the end!

Pancake Day

On Tuesday 9th February we celebrated Pancake Day.  In the morning we enjoyed eating pancakes with lemon and sugar.  Yummy!  After lunch we held pancake races in the playground with Orange class.  First we had to flip the pancakes in a  frying pan whilst walking.  Then we had to balance the pancakes on our heads and jog to the other side without letting the pancake drop on the floor.  Everyone had lots of fun! 

Chinese New Year

On Monday 8th February we celebrated Chinese New Year.  We watched a film about how children celebrate in China and found out that this is the year of the Monkey.  We tried various chinese food including egg fried rice, prawn crackers, sweet and sour sauce, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, vegetable spring rolls, noodles and Mrs Watkins favourite lychees!  We also used our sense of smell to explore ginger, star anise and other chinese herbs and spices.  We made chinese dragons and even had a go at using chop sticks to pick up vaious small objects-some of us managed it really well! 

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We read the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' in Yellow class.  Then some children decided to make their own bridge outside and pretended to cross over the bridge to get to the sweet green grass.  The children took it in turns to pretend to be the troll, saying 'Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?'  Some of the children decided to trick the troll by creating an extra bridge to sneak around him!

Hansel and Gretel

We have been reading the traditional story of 'Hansel and Gretel'.  The children especially liked the part of the story about the gingerbread house covered in sweets, biscuits and icing sugar!  We have been talking about the different characters in the story and using words to describe them.  Some of the children thought that the step mother may have been the witch in disguise!

Term 2

''Let's Celebrate!''

National Bobble Hat Day!

On Friday 4th December everyone came to school in their bobble hats (including the adults) to raise money for the NSPCC. Lots of us wore our favourite Christmas hats.

Elva and Elvis the elves come to visit

This morning we had two elves called Elva and Elvis arrive with a letter from the North Pole.  They are visiting Yellow and Orange class till the end of term to find out what children learn about at this time of year  and to check that everyone is being kind to each other.

Yellow and Orange class went out into the garden to see if they could see Father Christmas and his sleigh.  Although they were too late to see him outside, some children heard his sleigh bells and think they may have even found some of his sleigh tracks on the blue area.

The children were very excited about them coming to visit!


The Jolly Postman


'The jolly postman came one day

From over the hills and far away

With a letter for...?'


We have been reading the story of The Jolly Postman this week and been finding out about all different kinds of letters.  We practised writing letters as a whole class, in groups and independently to different people in school.  We now have a post office in the classroom and the children are busy dressing up as the postman, emptying the post box and delivering the letters around school. 

Children in Need

On Friday 13th November we came to school with bear faces for Children in Need.  Even the teachers dressed up with bear faces!  After the register Pudsy Bear popped in to Yellow class for a visit to say 'Hello'.  We also held a toy sale in school and raised lots of money!  

Our Diwali Celebration

On Wednesday 11th November was the festival of Diwali.  Yellow and Orange class decided to hold their own celebration.  The children read the story about how Rama rescued Sita from the demon king Ravana, designed and built bridges like Rama and Hunuman had, tried a variety of foods and spices from India, decorated their hands with Mendi style patterns, coloured Rangoli patterns and made clay Diva lamps.  We finished off the day watching a fireworks display as part of the Diwali celebration.

Bonfire night

On Thursday 5th November was Bonfire Night.  Lots of us went to see a fireworks display and some a big bonfires too!  We had to remember to keep safe by staying close to our grown ups all the time because fireworks are dangerous.  We thought about the noises that the fireworks make: whizz, pop, bang, fizz, wheeee, pppppp, eeeeee, fffffff.

What other noises can you think of?  Can you draw the firework pattern as you make the noise?

Term 1

''All about me!''

The Reception outside area transformation!

Shapes in the Environment

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes.  As well as naming and describing circle, square, triangle and rectangle, we have also found out the names of other shapes including diamond, hexagon, pentagon, octagon and oval.

We found out that there are shapes all around us!  How many can you name?

Our Sound Walk

We went on a sound walk around the school.  We heard children chatting, adults talking, the fridge humming, cars and bus rumbling engines as they drove past the school, birds singing in the trees and the noise of our feet crunching on the stones.

Our Elephant Poem


As part of National Poetry Day on 8th October Yellow and Orange class performed a poem for the rest of the school.  We learnt an elephant poem as part of our Elmer week.


The elephant is big and strong.

His ears are large and his trunk is long.

He walks around with heavy steps,

Two tusks, one tail and four thick legs!


Meet the new Yellow class

We have been busy painting self-portraits of ourselves and practising our painting skills.  We used mirrors to help us to look carefully at the details of our faces and thought carefully about which colours we used to paint our school uniform.  The children worked really hard and produced some brilliant art work!

Incy Wincy Spider

Last week we had lots and lots of rain so the children sung songs about the wet weather! After asking the rain to go away we decided our favourite weather song was Incy Wincy spider.  We sung different versions of Incy Wincy spider and even made our own drain pipe for Incy Wincy to climb up, but beware of the dark rain clouds! 


Welcome to Yellow class.  We have been busy settling in the new classes and practising the new school rules that we have learnt so far.

Academic Year 2014-2015

Term 6

Monday 2nd June - Friday 24th July

"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!"

Yellow class beach walk

This term we have been exploring the beach, learning about the different names of the shells and laying quietly so that we can listen to the sounds of the waves. 

Westmeads Sports Morning

On Wednesday 24th June was Westmeads Sports morning.  We started off with a parade around the playground followed by different sporting activities.  We had great fun  throughout the morning and all the children showed excellent effort, perseverance and enthusiasm during each event.  Well done Yellow class! 

The adults also took part and were all very enthusiastic too, especially during the crab race!  Well done!

'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson

This term we have started off reading the story 'Sharing a Shell'  by Julia Donaldson, exploring different sea shells at Whitstable beach and close observational drawings of some beautiful sea shells.


We have been thinking about why it is important to share and discussing how we share things with our friends and family. 

Term 5

Monday 20th April - Friday 22nd May

'What caused the rumble in the jungle?'

Morris Men Visit - Friday 1st May


On Friday afternoon we had the Whitstable Morris Men visit Westmeads School to perform some of their dances to everyone.  There was even a dancing tree called 'Jack of the Green'! 

The children enjoyed listening to the band play their music and lots of children couldn't help tapping along to the drum beat.

There were even a few guest Morris dancers for the last dance.  I wonder if you can spot them in the photos?


Our Beach Walk


Whilst we were down at Whitstable beach we noticed that there are a variety of shapes and sizes of stones across the beach.  The children decided to collect different sizes of stones and order them by their sizes.  Some children worked in pairs and other children chose to work on their own.  They used a variety of size vocabulary (for example big, medium, small, little, tiny, humungous, enormous, huge, massive, large, teeny, tiny, titchy, weeny, miniscule) to describe the stones to each other.

Some children challenged themselves to order more than 6 stones!

Easter Bean Challenge


Thank you everyone for sharing all your beautiful bean diaries - we even had some video diaries too to watch.   It was wonderful to see how the beans have grown over the last few weeks.  Maybe they will eventually grow into beanstalks like Jack's or Jasper's soon!

As you can see, Mrs Watkins has been busy watering her own bean, as well as singing and talking to it to encourage it to grow.  The stalk now measures 17cm tall and has lots of leaves on it.

Please keep us updated on the progress of your beans over the coming months.

Term 4

Monday 23rd February - Monday 20th April 2015

'Splish Splash I was taking a bath...'

Beach Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Red Nose Day


On Friday 13th March we raised money for Red Nose Day by making our faces funny for money!  We had lots of fun creating our own funny faces on paper and sharing lots of jokes to make us laugh!

Friday 6th March Holi Celebration



Lifeboat Station visit

Yellow Class had a visit to the Lifeboat Station and learned all about what the crew do. Did you know they have 5 minutes to get to the Lifeboat Station if they are paged AND they only have 5 minutes to get into their kit ready for the rescue.

We also learned that if we see someone in trouble in the sea we are supposed to call 999 and say "Coastguard please"

Road Safety

We also had a visit from GIST who brought along a lorry cab and spoke to use about Road Safety. We learned that when we cross the road we must STOP at the edge of the kerb, LOOK both ways AND LISTEN for sirens! We were lucky enough to climb into the cab and sit in the drivers seat. It was difficult to climb all the way up there!

Beach Walk

Yellow class visited our local beach, the children explored the area looking for interesting shells and pebbles on the shore.   We were learning about weather and as it was a very windy day we noticed that the seagulls were struggling to fly and that the waves were crashing in the groynes.  It was exciting to see how the strong winds affected the sea and the seabirds!


Terms 1-3

Thursday 4th September-Thursday 12 February


Academic Year 2013-2014

What we have been upto during Term 2

Still image for this video
The children of Yellow and Orange Class would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!! :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Still image for this video

Friday 8th November 2013

This week we have been learning about Bonfire Night and Diwali.  We have been using describing words to help us write a poem about Fireworks!


We have been finding out (and tasting) food from India.  We found out about the story of Rama and Sita, made diva lamps, and watched a video about how children celebrate Diwali.  If you would like to watch the video at home, please use the link below. smiley

See below for some useful websites and games