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Meet Our Eco Team ....

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Looking after our environment

We are very proud of our school environment and think that it is important that we look after it. One part of our role as Eco team is to make sure that all litter is in the bin, all plants are kept watered, all dead plants are put into the compost bin and the compost bin is well maintained, making sure that we turn the waste and put a mixture of dry and wet waste in it. We had to leave one of our compost bins alone for the winter as we had slow worms hibernating in it. We hope they return this year too!

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Gardening Club

This term Mrs Rayner and Mrs Barker have been running a gardening club for all children. The children have learnt how to plant different seeds and look after them. The tomato plants are now huge and we are looking forward to trying the tomatoes when we come back to school in September.

Community Gardens

We are very lucky to have the Community Gardens in Stream Walk, which is only a five minute walk from school. Some of the classes visited the community gardens and really enjoyed the experience of finding out lots of information about our environment and different foods we can grow. We had the chance to try some of the foods grown at the Community Gardens including mint and lemon leaves. Some of the children were not keen on the taste of these, but when we visit  next year we are looking forward to trying these leaves in a tea and also bringing some of the produce back to school to see what we can make with it.

Keeping our school Eco Friendly

This year we have been working hard to make sure that EVERYONE around the school has been Eco friendly. We have been making sure that all doors are kept shut to keep heat in the classrooms, recycling as much as we can, making sure all of our fruit waste goes into the compost bin and helping our friends to remember that we do not over fill the water bottles. All of Westmeads have been helping with this and we have made new posters to go around the school so everybody remembers our rules; Turn off the lights, save electricity, keep doors closed, turn off the taps, recycle and compost!

Meet Our Eco Team . . . 

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Looking after our environment

We enjoyed filling our new planter with lots of lovely flowers and as Spring is now here we are seeing the daffodils bloom and the blossom appear on the trees.

We making sure the plants are watered and are looking forward to new plants appearing once the weather is a little warmer.

What we have been doing so far ...

This year the Eco team are working towards winning back the Green Flag Award.

We have been busy keeping our school and surrounding areas tidy by making sure we pick up litter and encourage others to do the same, always putting it into the correct bins.

We have also been working hard to try to encourage others to save electricity and water by turning off lights, computer screens and taps! Look out for our posters that will be appearing around the school.

Help Westmeads win back the Green Flag Award!

The Eco team need your help to be seen as an eco-friendly school and once again be awarded the Green Flag !

You can help us by…….    

  1. Reducing waste – if you see litter pick it up and put it into the correct bins.

  2. Reduce energy waste – Switch off lights and computer screens if they are not needed. Turn heating down and keep doors shut.

  3. Reducing water waste – Less water in water bottles. Wash your hands in the bowls provided.

  4. Global issue awareness – Pick up litter outside of school too, save water and energy at home.

  5. Developing and maintaining school grounds – Provide mini beast environments and bird feeders. Look after the plants and wildlife we already have.

 Take care of our environment!!!

Meet our Eco Warriors for this academic year

Meet our Eco Warriors for this academic year 1

Our Eco Council comprises of our 8 Eco Warriors - 2 members from each Year 1 and Year 2 class.  The Eco Warriors meet most weeks to discuss all things eco-related within the school and the local community as necessary.


Our Eco warriors are easy to spot because they wear their green Eco Team badges.

Speak to them if you have any good Eco ideas for the school or issues that you would like us to discuss in meetings.


The Eco council is involved in many things such as making decisions to improve our school environment, making posters and signs to provide information around the school or deciding upon National eco projects that Westmeads could become involved in.


Many of the Eco Warriors also take part in the Eco Club that runs after school on a Monday.  Activities in Eco Club include weeding and planting; maintaining the plant, pond and nature areas around the school; conducting termly litter hunts and creating things for our school environment.


Slideshow  Here is our Eco Club hard at work! smiley

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