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Year 2 - Green Class

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Term 2:

If you down to the woods today...

What Would You Find There?

Welcome to Term 2!

Our topic this term is 'if you go down to the woods today' which will be based a book which will be slowly revealed to the children as the term progresses to help generate excitement and anticipation. The text is related to animals and their habitats and so we asked that the children create something related to winter and/or the polar regions for their topic homework . We have already had some lovely pieces of work that have been put on display in the classroom and we look forward to seeing more of your creations!


Now that we are in Term 2 and we have all settled into our new classroom routines, the children are much better at remembering to change their books independently. We thank you for your continued support at home with their reading as well as for your comments in their reading records.

So far we have only won 'Busters Bookmark' once since starting back in September and I really hope we can do better this term! Just a polite reminder to make sure that you sign the bookmark on a Wednesday and note that only the number of minutes above that of the expected 15 minutes will be counted towards the Class total.

Happy reading! 




We have a really exciting term ahead in English following the CLPE Power of Reading teaching sequence and as part of this, the key to maintaining the children’s enthusiasm is to keep the title of the story a secret for as long as possible – therefore we will not be revealing the title of the book at this stage! 


So far, we have explored the first page of the book and looked in detail at the illustration. We have established that the book is about a polar bear who appears to be lost.

The children are really loving this text so far and cannot wait to read on. We have learned some facts about Polar Bears and are going to use these to make a non-fiction leaflet over the coming week. We will then explore the story further through poetry, story writing and writing in role.


We revealed that the book this term is called Leaf by Sanda Dieckmann.




In maths this term we will start by recapping addition and subtraction, particularly looking at adding and subtracting 10 mentally. We will then begin to look at our new topic of money. Firstly, we will focus on recognising and using the symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p) as well as ordering coins. We will then use our knowledge of place value to find different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money as well as solve simple problems involving addition and subtraction including giving change.This is a great opportunity to let children have a go at paying for things themselves at the shop so they become familiar with the different coins and notes we use as well as understanding the concept of change. 


We have now begun to look at multiplication using the X symbol. First we thought about the repeated addition number sentence and then we wrote a multiplication number sentence using the words 'groups of' to help us. 





This term our Science topic is 'Living Things and their Habitats' which links nicely with our overarching question, who lives here? We have been thinking about the characteristics of living things as well as those that are non-living (was alive) and those that have never been alive. 

Exploring Living, Non-Living and Never Alive


This term our P.E focus will be Dodgeball, Dance and Speed Stacking on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday afternoon.  Please ensure that your child has the correct P.E kit in school. Just a gentle reminder to make sure that you label your child's P.E kit including their plimsolls. Also note that for health and safety reasons, children wearing earrings will not be able to participate in P.E. lessons.

Dodge Ball

Speed Stacking

Speed Stacking 1
Speed Stacking 2
Speed Stacking 3

Curriculum Enrichment

This term Mrs Brentnall will be teaching art to Green Class. Their focus this term will be on colour mixing with a emphasis on warm and cold colours. They will then work towards creating a finished piece of artwork based on our topic theme.  

Teacher of the Week


Well done to Molly who kicked off our first teacher of the week with a presentation all about Titanic!


Please check in bookbags regularly to see if your child has been chosen to present their teacher of the week. 

Term 1:

Fire! Fire!

What Happened During

The Great Fire of London?

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Welcome to the first term of year 2!

Our topic this term is Fire! Fire! We will be learning all about The Great Fire of London. We have been thinking about what we already know and what we would like to find out about throughout the term. We will be starting the topic off with some biscuit baking (watch out Paul Hollywood) and will be visiting the local Fire Station. To help us to complete our home learning display, we would love you to create a piece of homework on this topic. You can be as creative as you like for example, a leaflet, a letter or a model of pudding lane.

We look forward to seeing your creations!

Great Fire of London Activity Day

Fire Safety Talk


As part of our topic we were visited by a member of our local Fire Service who carried out an assembly all about fire safety. We found out about the special protective clothing that the fire service wear as well as the important equipment that they use to help fight a fire or rescue people and animals. We talked about the dangers of fire and what we should do in an emergency. We spoke about using our emergency number 999 as well as using the ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ method. 


At Westmeads, we recognise the importance of promoting a love of reading, this is why we have opted for a no homework policy with a focus solely on reading everyday. We therefore will be checking reading records daily to see that children are reading at home and to check for comments. In Year 2, children are responsible for changing their reading books to help promote independence as well as support individual preferences. In Green Class we encourage children to do this first thing in the morning before putting their home reading book in the correct basket.


Over the first term we will be reminding ourselves of basic sentence structures as well as focusing on our handwriting and presentation of work. Based on our topic of the Great Fire of London we will be creating our own factfiles as well as writing diary entries from the viewpoint of Samuel Pepys.


When Samuel Pepys came to visit...



In maths this term we will be recapping what we learnt in Year 1 focusing on place value. We will be looking at tens and ones using a range of manipulatives including numicon, counters and dienes. The children will practise these skills whilst developing their reasoning and problem solving.


This term we will be continuing with our swimming lessons which will be on a Friday morning. We thank you for your support in walking to and from Whitstable swimming pool. Our other P.E topic this term is tag rugby where will be developing our catching, throwing and team work skills.

Visit from Roger Dengate


We were very lucky this term to have had a visit from Whitstable Rugby Club coach, Roger Dengate, who spent time coaching and teaching us the rules of Tag Rugbby. We learnt how to pass the ball, how to use the tag waist bands and a very vital rule...that the referee's word is final! We had great fun and many of the children were interested in attending the club. 




Teacher of the Week

In year 2, each child has the opportunity to teach their classmates about something that interests them.  They will be given a 10 minute slot to talk about a subject that interests them, this can be a hobby, a club they belong to, or a topic that interests them.  Teacher of the week is a great opportunity for the teachers and children to get to know each other better as well as help to develop and promote speaking and listening skills. Teacher of the Week will commence soon and every child will have the chance to participate over the course of the year.