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Year 1 - Blue Class

Welcome to Blue Class!


Mrs Baugh and Mrs Wardle would like to warmly welcome you to Blue Class!



Term 2

Deadly Dinosaurs




This term we are looking at dinosaurs. We will be trying to answer the question: Which dinosaur ruled the world?

We will be learning about a different dinosaur each week, so stay tuned for fun facts.



Week 1



Did you know that ...


  • The name ‘Triceratops’ comes from the Greek language, with ‘tri’ meaning three and ‘keratops’ meaning horned face.
  • Triceratops lived in the late Cretaceous Period (around 65 million years ago).
  • The Triceratops was a plant eating (herbivore) dinosaur.
  • It needed its three horns to try and protect itself from the T-Rex which lived during the same time period



In English we will be continuing our work on simple sentences. We have been working very hard on trying to write our letters the right way round. We are finding b and d quite tricky, but we keep trying! We are also starting to generate adjectives and use them in our sentences. 

When we write sentences they need a capital letter at the start and for any names (proper nouns), finger spaces so we can read every word and a full stop at the end to show we have finished our sentence. 

We are working on trying to keep every letter sitting on the line, so there aren't any floating letters.





Last term we looked at place value in numbers up to 10 and practised addition with these numbers. 

This term we are learning all about subtraction.  


Our BEACH WALKS will be happening every Thursday and during these sessions we will be taking part in ACTIVE MATHS ensuring we all have fun and to make sure we keep ourselves warm! If you are able to come along then please sign up outside the classroom. Thank you.

Dinosaur Workshop 20.11.18

Welcome to the first term of Year 1!

Our topic this term is Fantasy Worlds.

We will be answering the question: Where would you go?


We have been thinking about what we already know and what we want to find out throughout this term.

We will be kick starting the topic by watching Mr Benn. This is an animation about a man who travels to strange and exciting new worlds.


Later on in the term we will be designing our own fantasy worlds.

We have already started discussing them. Some ideas we have had: No Grownup land, Jellyland, Fire Castle and a Colouring Palace.  We are looking forward to designing and describing these later on in the term.



We will be watching episodes of Mr Benn (see above) to help us to generate our ideas.

We will be working on simple sentences. We will be cutting up and sticking sentences together, clapping out rhythms, role playing episodes and writing simple sentences. When we write, we will be making sure our sentences have: capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will also making sure our handwriting is neat and that all the letters sit on the line.


This term we will be learning tennis and netball. On Tuesday afternoons we will be playing netball. We will be learning how to catch, throw and dodge, as well as practising attack and defence skills.

Our tennis lessons will be on Wednesday mornings with Helen from Appeti Tennis in Canterbury. She will be teaching the children the basic skills through fun games.


During this first term we will be having music lessons with Ms Diamond every Friday afternoon. On Thursdays we will also be learning some French with Mrs Thomas.


Porchlight Assembly

Druidstone 09.10.18


Wow what a fantastic time we had at Druidstone Park! Firstly, a huge thank you to Mrs Wardle for driving us all safely there and back in the new school minibus.

We started the day off by going for a wander in the Enchanted Woods. Did you know that every tree in the woods is magical and it is the place where all fairies from Kent get their wands from? Blue Class collected fallen sticks, decorated them and turned them into magic wands. We learnt a magic spell which made little men with toadstools on their heads appear!


Toadstool, toadstool round and red.

Do not wear it on your head. 


We crossed the Billy Goats Gruff bridge where we waved our wands in the air. Did you know that trolls are terrified of children with magic wands?


After this we came across an ancient tree which had the face of an old man carved into it. We sat down and sketched the details of his face. Some of the children’s drawings are incredible, they can be found in their sketch books.


After this we had lunch where we were joined by about 10 chickens. They really wanted to be friends with the children. I am sure it had nothing to do with the food…all the grown ups showcased their best chicken chasing skills!


After this we had the wonderful experience of feeding lots of different animals. We were able to feed donkeys, sheep, deer, alpacas, chickens, goats and a cow. The children were very gentle and brave. The deer were very greedy and the cow left the children’s hands very wet and slimy. It was wonderful to see all of the children having fun and enjoying themselves.

It was a wonderful day and we hope you enjoy the photos below.