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Year 1 - Blue Class

Welcome to Blue Class!


Mrs Baugh and Mrs Wardle would like to warmly welcome you to Blue Class!



Welcome to the first term of Year 1!

Our topic this term is Fantasy Worlds.

We will be answering the question: Where would you go?


We have been thinking about what we already know, and what we want to find out throughout this term.

We will be kick starting the topic off buy watching Mr Benn. An animation about a man who travels to strange and exciting, new worlds.


Later on in the Term we will be designing our own fantasy worlds.

We have already stared discussing our possible worlds. We have had: No Grownup land, Jellyland, Fire Castle and a Colouring Palace.  We are looking forward to designing and describing these later on.



We will be watching episodes of Mr Benn (see above) to help us with generate our ideas.

We will be working on simple sentences. We will be cutting and sticking sentences, clapping out rhythms, role playing episodes and writing simple sentences. When we write, we will be making sure our sentences have: capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will also making sure our handwriting is neat and that all the letters sit on the line.


This term we will be learning tennis and netball. On a Tuesday afternoons, we will be playing netball. We will be learning how to catch, throw and dodge, as well as attack and defence skills.

Our tennis lessons will be on Wednesday mornings with Helen from Appeti Tennis, in Canterbury. She will be teaching the children the basic skills through fun games.


During this first term we will be having fun music lessons with Ms Diamond every Friday afternoon. On Thursdays we will also be learning some French with Mrs Thomas.


Porchlight Assembly