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Year 2 - Green Class

Welcome to Green Class

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Miss Ashton, Mrs Olson and Mrs Wardle

would like to welcome you

to Green Class! 

Term 2

 ‘What was it like to be a child during WWII?’


Firstly we would like to say thank you for the amazing effort that has been put into the homework challenge this term. Thank you to those who have brought us in some real WWII memorabilia. We will be displaying them in the classroom for all the children to see. 

This term our topic is WW II and we are thinking about the question ‘What was it like to be a child during WWII?’


As our stunning start to this topic we are hoping to visit the local Whitstable Museum which have an exhibit on WW11. If you have any relatives or friends who were alive during WW11 and would be prepared to visit us, please us know!


At the end of the term we will be planning a ‘welcome home’ party for our very own WWII evacuees. We will let you have further details on this when we have arranged it.




We  will be basing our English around our topic of WWII using books, the internet and videos to help us understand what life was like as a child during WWII. We will continue to focus on consolidating our sentence structure through writing short captions based on thoughts and feelings as well as further developing our letter writing skills. We will finally build up to writing a comparative text based on what it would have been like living in London during the war as apposed to the countryside. 



In our maths work this term we are taking a look at weight and measure.  We have been having a wonderful time weighing objects around the classroom - not only have we used the correct mathematical vocabulary like 'heaviest' and 'lightest' but we are now weighing objects to the nearest gram (g).  To ensure we have a good understanding of weight we are reading a variety of scales (horizontal, vertical and circular).

We will continue to work on our counting and place value, both of which are very important to ensure we have clear understanding of number.  Towards the end of the term we will remind ourselves about multiplication and division.




In science, we will be looking at the topic of everyday materials where we will be investigating different properties and using this to help us decide what materials we should use to make a suitable WWII shelter. 




Dodgeball and dance are our two topics for this term. Dodgeball will be on a Tuesday morning and we will be focusing on developing our throwing techniques as well as our attack and defence strategies. Dance will be on a Thursday afternoon and we will be focusing on developing co-ordination and rhythm. 



In R.E we will be looking at Sikhism. We will learn about Guru Nanak and their nine other gurus as well as find out about their holy book the 'Guru Granth Sahib' and their holy place of worship, the Gurdwara.



On Fridays, Mrs Burrows will be teaching Green Class Art where they will be developing their drawing and painting skills.


In addition, Ms Diamond will be providing recorder lessons for the children every Tuesday.


Term 1: Survival

What do we need to survive? 


Welcome to the first term in Green Class where we are looking at the topic of survival.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking at different aspects of survival.


On Thursday 14th September we all came into school dressed 'survival style'!  We had great fun throughout the day making items for survival using natural materials, choosing which items are 'essentials' or 'luxuries' for a survival trip and taking part in a survival assault course.  Look at some of the pictures to see how we got on!




We started our Year 2 topic of survival by looking at the Pixar short film Piper. To remind us all of our sentence structure we have been writing short captions about Piper's thoughts and feelings.  We then transferred this into a narrative about Piper's first experiences of having to survive without his mum feeding him.  We decided that at the beginning of the film he was nervous but as his confidence grew, with perseverance he became brave and courageous.


We are now reading a book 'Dear Greenpeace' about a young girl called Emily who thinks she found a whale in her pond to help us understand the features of letter writing. We have loved learning about whales and have found out lots of interesting facts! We have also really enjoyed learning about the organisation Greenpeace and finding out how we can help look after our planet. 


Dear Greenpeace

Worried that the whale living in her pond is unhappy, Emily writes to Greenpeace, who, though offering the best of advice, insist that it is impossible for a whale to live in a pond. Undeterred, Emily continues to seek the best course of action for her beloved whale, finally setting him free.



To ease ourselves in gently we have been looking at the area of number and place value.  We are using resources like Numicon and Dienes to help us identify the amount of tens and ones in a 2 digit number. We have been recapping our number bonds to ten and using the knowledge of these to work out simple addition and subtraction sums e.g. 23 + 7 = 30. 



Our topic for this term is 'Animals including humans' where we will be looking at the basic needs of animals for survival. During our first lesson we discussed the different life stages that humans go through and the common features of each stage.  We then went on to look at how to keep our bodies healthy through healthy eating and exercise. 



Swimming and tag rugby are the topics for this term. Swimming commenced on Monday morning at Whitstable pool and the children were all raring to go.  Tag rugby will be on a Tuesday afternoon and we will be focusing on the skills of catching, throwing and dodging. 



In R.E we have been learning about the faith of Islam. We have learnt about at their special place of worship, the mosque, as well as their Holy book called the Qu'ran. We have been finding out about the main aspects of life and how it is the same / differs from Christianity.



On Fridays, Mrs Thomas will be teaching Green Class Spanish followed by Animation. She will be linking this with our topic of survival to create a short animation based on what we have learnt this term. 


In addition, Ms Diamond will be providing recorder lessons for the children every Tuesday.