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Panto time!

Oh no it isn't...... Oh yes it is!

Term 3 began with a wonderful pantomime treat, which was enjoyed by staff and children alike! M&M Theatrical Productions visited us with their performance of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' paid for by the Friends of Westmeads.

Christmas Activities

We have had some lovely festive fun at school over the last few weeks.  Please see below photos of some of the events that have been taking place, including: Christmas Market, Christmas activity day, Christmas Nativity performance and Christmas dinner. 


A big thank you to the Friends of Westmeads and the Parents/Carers who volunteered to make all our events a big success.

Year 2 Evacuation and Party

As part of Year 2's WWII topic this term, they had an evacuation re-enactment on the 12th December, where the children came dressed up as an evacuee.  They started the morning with an emotional goodbye, as they acted out being evacuated from Whitstable and then were welcomed back by parents/carers with a 'Welcome Home' party.  Thank you to all those who took part.

Year 1 - Heroes and Villains Day

As part of Year 1's Heroes and Villains topic this term, the children dressed as up as a hero or villain on the 8th December. The children this term have been asking and discussing what makes a hero or villain?  Please see below some of the fantastic outfits worn by the children (and teachers!).

Dance Performance

Congratulations to three pupils from Red Class, who performed a dance with other Coastal Alliance schools at the Kent Association of Head Teachers' conference on the 23rd November.  They performed brilliantly and were a credit to the school.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Infant Singing Festival

The Westmeads choir took part in a Coastal Alliance Infant Sing Song at St Alphege Infants on the 30th November. Well done to all who took part.  

Visitor Assembly

This week's visitor to school was an ex-pupil, Ruth Oliver, who is a volunteer with the RNLI.  She brought her kit and told the children what is involved in her role.  As the qualifications for becoming a lifeboat volunteer are strength and an ability to swim, there was a keen interest among the children for the future!

Year 2 Trip to Whitstable Museum

Year 2 pupils had a wonderful visit to the Whitstable Museum on the 17th November. We would like to say a very big thank you to all of the volunteers at the museum who made our visit such a wonderful experience.  The children had an amazing time and learned lots of new information.

Guy Fawkes Day


Year 1 had a really exciting day re-enacting the Gunpowder Plot and having fun being members of King James I's royal court!


Purple Class started the day being greeted by King James I (Mr Wraight) at the door and went on to create our own crowns and a model of the Houses of Parliament.


Blue Class were busy creating hats and gunpowder, plotting against Purple Class with Guy Fawkes (Miss Boxer). 


In the afternoon, the classes set off to the Houses of Parliament (the hall!) to meet and discuss those really important issues. Unfortunately when Purple Class got there, they discovered that Guy Fawkes and his friends (Blue Class) were there and had planted some gunpowder in the cellar, so had to get together and arrest Guy Fawkes and his friends!

Summer Reading Challenge

We were celebrating at school, as Westmeads has won the libraries Summer Reading Challenge for the 3rd year running with 55.3% of our pupils taking part. 


Many congratulations to everyone who managed to complete the challenge by reading 6 books. 


We have a lovely trophy in our library which was awarded in a special assembly by Barry from Whitstable Library and Chris from Canterbury Library.

Year 1 Trip to Pizza Express

Year 1 had a fantastic day at Pizza Express, learning about how to make a pizza by having a go at shaping the dough, adding tomato sauce (or Pasata!) and adding Mozzarella cheese. 


They then watched as the Pizza's were placed in the oven to cook! 


The best bit was when we were back in school and got to eat what we had made - it was yummy! 

Scarecrow Trail

All of the children in Year 1 and Year 2 have been busy making a class scarecrow to take part in the Whitstable Castle Scarecrow Trail, which took place over the half term break.  Thank you to the parents who came in to help make them.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Visit to Otterden Estate

Selected children from Year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to visit Otterden Estate on the morning of October 12th, , borrowing a minibus from Whitstable Junior School. We followed a Gruffalo Trail through the woods and even found a fox’s den! We went on a scavenger hunt in the woods, finding natural things with different properties. We saw Guy fell a tree and then had a go at building our own dens out of young trees, logs and branches.

We had a great time!

Poetry Week

As part of Poetry Week, we had the poet Roger Stevens visit the school. We also had a special assembly where pupils read out poems they had written.

Year 1 -  Food Tasting

Year 1 have been learning about the countries of the UK and their capital cities. To coincide with their topic, they have also tasted some traditional foods from each country.


They had great fun tasting and came up with some fantastic adjectives to describe what they could taste, smell, feel and see.

Year 2 Survival Day

On the second week of term 1, Year 2  a Survival Day, which was a great success.  The children took part in shelter building, essential vs luxury items sorting and a fitness assault course.  Thank you to all the parents and carers for your help with costumes. Everyone looked great.

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