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Westmeads Community Infant School

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Our Intent

Our intent is to take whatever action is necessary give every one of our children access to being the most successful versions of themselves.


We provide a motivational, experiential, equitable curriculum experience from the moment they enter school; an experience which provokes curiosity to ask questions of the world around them. We develop the ability to use that curiosity to go deeper. We value their opinions and interests and with this we build a genuine lifelong passion for learning by celebrating individual joy for success in an authentic capacity. 


Every interaction, strategic decision, and choice is intentional, from an accessible picture on a working wall to a historical artefact within our whole site play. Intentionality, research and innovation are at the very heart of our practise. We appreciate that every adult in our school is an integral part of a child’s development so we train, develop and empower our whole team and community to be successful in supporting individuals with each and every barrier they may need to overcome. 


Our curriculum is context specific, ambitious, and exciting. It builds and cycles to support not only developing new knowledge, but building upon exiting schemas of learning to ensure the embedding and enacting of long term memory skills and knowledge including vocabulary. 


We pride ourselves in our passion for what we do and value how privileged we are to be able to change the trajectory of children’s’ lives every day. We never underestimate the responsibility we hold and we work in partnership with our families ensuring that we are one team supporting one another to achieve the very best educational success for each and every child.  


Our community is our strength and we build belonging continuously with our enrichment events and activities and by inviting our families into school regularly and in an authentic capacity. 


We know that what we do is incredibly important. We understand that every child has one chance at a successful education and that these years are the most integral, which is why we never give up on any child. We take the onus on ourselves to change the approach, to adapt and to find a way for every child to have successful and equitable access to learning and therefore to positive life chances.


We have the highest of aspirations for every child in our community.


Inclusion is at the heart of a successful curriculum. Inclusion is achieved by a community embracing its diversity and for every member of our diverse community to feel a strong sense of belonging, agency and compassion.

In all areas of our curriculum we aim:


  • To broaden knowledge, practise and extend skills, and deepen our children’s understanding of key themes by exploring rich, relatable and purposeful topics;
  • to build and extend vocabulary through a range of high quality literature;
  • to   learn more, know more and remember more through the explicit and careful sequencing of learning;
  • to  provide opportunities to explore learning in a fun and hands on way that follows children’s very own interests and makes learning relate to their everyday life and allows them to relate their learning to their everyday life;
  • to build resilient learners that take great pride in their successes;
  • to enrich children’s learning to make it enjoyable and bring it to life;
  • to take our learning to the environment that provides the most inspiration whether that be indoors, outdoors, at the beach or in the forest;
  • to support children in becoming leaders in their own education; questioning the world around us and developing our social responsibility;
  • to approach learning in a holistic way that incorporates and celebrates well-being as an essential ingredient to learning.


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