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Community Infant School

‘Happy To Learn’


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Year 1 - Blue Class

Mrs Quinn and Mrs Stafford

would like to welcome you to


Term 4

'All Creatures Great and Small'


This term we will be thinking about the question:

'What makes us different?'


In English we will be reading the book 'Moth' by Isabel Thomas. The children will enjoy the stunning illustrations in this book, while learning about the life and evolution of the Peppered Moth. 


In maths the children have been exploring numbers 1-50 and the concept of tens and ones. They have enjoyed building numbers up to 50 practically both at home and in school...

World Book Day!

The children had fun taking part in the live World Book Day Workshop and enjoyed creating their favourite book characters from toilet roll tubes! 

Term 3

I Wonder...

This term we will be thinking about the question;

'Where will your imagination take you?'

Have a look at some of the amazing puppet theatres and character puppets we have been making at home and in school...


In maths, we have been getting creative with Number Gator both at home and in school. Have a look at some of the ways we fed him below...

Useful Links

You may find the following links useful this term;

Term 2

Dragons and Castles

Please click here for home learning for Friday 20th November 2020.


Please click here for home learning for Monday 23rd November 2020.


Please click here for home learning for Tuesday 24th November 2020.

This term we are using the text "The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon" by Richard Adams to inspire our learning about Dragons and Castles (we will slowly reveal the book so we kindly ask that you do not share the story with  your children at home).

Design Technology

As our stunning start we designed, created and evaluated our very own egg box dragons! The children thought carefully about the materials and tools they would need to make and decorate their dragon, and also considered how best to attach and join parts together so that their model stayed strong. See below for photos of our amazing creations and how they came together!


The children wrote some fantastic instruction booklets on how to create your own Egg Box Dragon. Have a look at some below!

They also wrote character descriptions using adjectives...


In History the children have been finding out about why castles were first built in the UK and who built them. They have been working on sorting statements and have enjoyed learning about the different type of Norman-built castles and have discused their strengths and weaknesses.


In computing this term we have been using the Beebots to create and follow algorithms. The children had a go at coding the Beebots and debugged the algorithms when Beebot made a wrong turn!

Term 1

Here We Are

This term we are using the text 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers.

This is part of our 'Recovery Curriculum' and is aimed at building a sense of community across the entire school, reflecting on the last few months, and helping us look forward to the future in a positive way.



We have been working hard on our writing. We have written sentences about ourselves and the things that we like using the conjunction 'and', and we have also created our own fact files about endangered animals.


We have been busy doing lots of practical maths both in Blue Class and in the outdoor classroom. The children have been sorting, counting, calculating more and less and have been working together to solve problems practically.


In Science we have been learning about parts of the human body. The children had so much fun drawing around each other and labelling the body parts!

Mr Potato Head helped us to learn about the five senses! We created our own Mr and Mrs Potato Heads by cutting out and sticking down the correct body parts and matching sense labels. 


The children have been enjoying music lessons on a Monday afternoon with Mrs Diamond in the outdoor classroom. They have been learning new action songs and have been exploring beat and rhythm using different parts of their bodies.

Hello Yellow!

To celebrate World Mental Health Day we all wore something yellow to school. We revisited what is meant by 'mental health' and discussed ways that we can keep our minds healthy. The children shared some of the fantastic acts of well-being that they have been doing at home to raise money for charity, e.g. drinking 5 glasses of water in a day, colouring, playing a board game.