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Term 1

Here We Are

This term we are using the text 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers.

This is part of our 'Recovery Curriculum' and is aimed at building a sense of community across the entire school, reflecting on the last few months, and helping us look forward to the future in a positive way.



To introduce our text for the term 'Here We Are' we looked at images of planet Earth on Google Earth, zooming into England, Whitstable and finally our school! We discussed our favourite things to do on Earth and thought of some recommendations that we could give to an alien that had never been here before! We had a go at writing these and Miss Wright also recorded us saying them to create our own class video. Please watch it below! 


We have been working hard on our writing. We have written sentences about ourselves and the things that we like using the conjunction 'and', and we have also created our own fact files about endangered animals.

Visit Earth! By Purple Class

Purple Class enjoy telling us why to 'Visit Earth'.



We began by sorting objects in different ways, e.g. size, shape, colour. The children enjoyed spending time in our outdoor classroom finding and sorting different natural objects. We have been practising our counting both forwards and backwards and have been revising concepts such as counting a group of objects accurately and finding one more/less. The children have also learnt the symbols less than, greater than and equals to (< > =) to help them compare numbers. Ask them which number the number-gator likes to eat!



We are focusing on the human body in our Science lessons this term. In our first session we named and discussed the different parts of the body. In our groups we drew around one child on a big roll of paper and had a go at labelling as many different parts as we can! The children were very knowledgeable and even knew some of the internal body parts and their functions, such as the heart and lungs.

Mr Potato Head helped us to learn about the five senses! We created our own Mr and Mrs Potato Heads by cutting out and sticking down the correct body parts and matching sense labels. 



We have really enjoyed our Music lessons with Mrs Diamond in the outdoor classroom. The children have been responding to music using movement and have also been learning to copy different beats. 



This term we are working on our painting skills in Art. In our first lesson we learnt about primary colours and how these can be mixed together to make secondary colours. We had great fun creating our own colour wheels to show this!

Hello Yellow!

To celebrate World Mental Health Day we all wore something yellow to school. We revisited what is meant by 'mental health' and discussed ways that we can keep our minds healthy. The children shared some of the fantastic acts of well-being that they have been doing at home to raise money for charity, e.g. drinking 5 glasses of water in a day, colouring, playing a board game.