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Year 2 - Green Class

Mrs Ashton-Lovett, Mrs Pugh and Mrs Raymer

would like to welcome you to

Green Class

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Term 1 


'Was Rome built in a day?'

This term our topic this term is Romans and we will be finding out if Rome was built in a day. We have been thinking about what we already know and what we want to find out throughout the term. We started the topic off with a ‘Roman Day’ and we will be visiting Canterbury Roman Museum as a 'Fantastic Finish.'. To help us to complete our home learning display, we would love the children to create a piece of homework on this topic. They can be as creative as they like for example, a leaflet, a letter or a model. We look forward to seeing your creations!


In Year 2 we ask the children to select their own reading book at the start of the day and independently write the title into their Reading Record. 

Within each book band there is a range and variety of text types to encourage children to make choices according to their own preferences in reading. To support them in this, we will be reading with the children both independently and in group guided reading sessions. Guided reading is a relaxed and enjoyable time providing an opportunity to develop particular reading skills and allows the children to discuss what they have read and share their ideas and opinions with an adult and with their peers.


Book Blanket


This term in maths we are focusing on recognising and understanding place value. We started by using the 100 Bead Bar to find 2-digit numbers by counting in 10's and then 1's. In this way the children develop a strong understanding of place value using manipulatives before moving on to problems solving mentally. We will further develop their understanding of place value by applying it to money. We will first look at making amounts using a combination of coins as well as adding amounts, finding change and problem solving. 



The children have 2 sessions of P.E. every week. This term it is swimming on a Thursday afternoon and Tag Rugby on a Tuesday morning. Please ensure that your child has a full P.E. kit with plimsolls that fit, in school. Please remember to write your child’s name in their plimsolls as well as in the rest of their P.E. kit.

For health and safety reasons, children wearing earrings will not be able to participate in P.E. lessons.

Teacher of the Week

This activity provides each child with the opportunity to teach their classmates about something that interests them. This will take place during a 10 minute slot, on a subject of their choice – a hobby, e.g. gardening; a particular interest, e.g. space, dinosaurs, birds; a club they belong to, e.g. Rainbows/Beavers; or a sport – and their classmates will have the chance to ask them questions at the end of their session. This is intended to be a fun, independent activity which will develop the children’s speaking and listening skills as well as their confidence. It is also a lovely opportunity for the teachers and children to get to know each other better as every child will have the chance to participate over the course of the year.