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Year R - Yellow Class

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Maths in Reception

This presentation gives you information on how we teach maths to your children and how you can help them at home.

Reading, Writing and Phonics in Reception

This presentation gives you information on how we teach Reading, Writing and Phonics to your children and how you can help them at home.

Term 2

Once Upon a Time

'Can you tell us a story?'

Our Favourite Stories

This term we are learning all about stories and we have started this theme by reading lots of different books.  We have loved sharing the children's (and grown ups) favourite stories!  Have a look at the photos to see all the stories we have read.  Do you like any of these stories too?

Term 1

All About Me

Yellow Class Autumn Term 2020

Still image for this video

As a Fantastic Finish to our first term at school, we have made video showing some of the exciting things the children have been doing since September. They have made a wonderful start to their school life and we are really proud of how well they have settled and how much they have already learned!



Handa's Surprise

This week, as part of our work on Handa's Surprise, the children printed with different fruit.  They also made observational drawings of some of the fruit in the book.  The children created their own story map using the fruit and animals in the story and acted out the different characters in the garden.

At the end of the week the children enjoyed tasting the different exotic fruits - the mango was definitely their favourite!

Fantastic Fred Performance 

The children (and adults) really enjoyed the performance of 'Fantastic Fred'.  They found out how inportant it is not only to look after their bodies, but also to keep their 'super computer' in their head healthy too!  They have to do this by eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water, getting lots of rest, exercising to keep their body fit and not spending too much time on their devices.  


Stomp! Chomp! Big Roars!

Here Come the Dinosaurs!

Yellow class enjoyed reading and performing a range of dinosaur poems this week.  Their favourite poem was called 'Roly Poly' and was about a dinosaur rolling down the hill!  The children performed this to the rest of the school during the World Poetry Day assembly.

The children created their own dinosaur worlds in the tuff tray, outside in the garden, drawing on large pieces of paper and creating their own dinosaurs by printing their hands.

Owl Babies

This week we have been reading the story 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. 

In the story we found out about the owl family - Sarah, Percy, Bill and their mummy. The children then talked and wrote about who was in their own families.  


The children were inspired to create their own versions of the owl babies on the creation station.  They also practised their cutting and gluing skills to create their own 2D shape owls too!

Over the week, the children have noticed a change in the weather and with the trees in the playground.  They gathered some of the leaves that had fallen down and decided to use them to create a collage of the mummy owl.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week we have been reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. 

The children enjoyed listening to the story and using the paint program on the computer, created their own versions of the caterpillar.  They learnt how to control the computer mouse to changing the colours and draw different thicknesses of the lines and dots.  

Yellow class practised their painting skills by painting a self portrait of themselves, looking carefully at what they looked like in the mirror.  They had to remember to control the paintbrush so that the paint did not dribble everywhere!   

At lunchtime, the children met Mrs Saunders, the Yellow Class lunchtime lady.  Everyone enjoyed their first school lunch and there were lots of clean plates!

The Rainbow Fish

This week we have been reading the story 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister. 

This week the children have been learning to use the different areas of the classroom independently.  They are becoming more familiar with where everything is kept.

The children have learnt to control different tools such as scissors and glue sticks safely and carefully at the creation station.  They remembered how to carry scissors safely around the classroom.  When gluing, they had to remember to scrap the PVA glue on the side of the pot to avoid any dribbles when they decorated the different sea creatures. 

The children learnt to trace a picture of a fish and then added handwriting patterns to decorate them using special handwriting pens.  They had to control the pens and pencil carefully to draw different patterns and shapes.   They found out where everything is kept on the office table area and learn how to tidy it away carefully ready for the next person.  It's really important that everyone remembers to write their name on their work!

The children discovered where all the construction and small world equipment are kept in the classroom.  They learnt to work as a team to carry the heavy boxes with a friend.  They used their imaginations to create different models and imaginary worlds.

We have been making the most of the sunny weather and spending time outside!  The children have been learning about how to use the different areas of the Reception garden, playing with different equipment on the playground and taking turns on the bikes with their friends.


What a busy first week we have had!

Our First Day at School

We have enjoyed welcoming the new Yellow Class children to Westmeads School.