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Book Recommendation

365 Days Wild by Lucy McRobert


Lucy’s first book, 365 Days Wild, will help you get started on your very own wild adventure this summer.


It contains hundreds of wild ideas that you can enjoy on your own, with family or with friends, and ideas for Random Acts of Wildness that you can mix into your daily routine.

Nature inspired activities for the family

Nature Journaling

Thelittleoaklearning.com have created a fantastic Introduction to Nature Journaling’ document that outlines some simple and collaborative ideas to get the whole family involved in nature this summer. A copy of this document is attached.


Outdoor Activity Cards

They have also produced some beautiful outdoor activity cards that will provide endless fun and ideas for exploring nature. Click here to get your resources or check out the documents below.


Scavenger Hunt

While outside, why not try an outdoor scavenger hunt… I wonder who will be the first to find them all? Click here to go to resources to help you with your hunt.




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