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Year R - Orange Class

Welcome to Orange Class!

Mrs Quinn and Mrs Frattaroli

Term 6

The Victorians

'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!'

Victorian School Dress Up Day

We had so much fun dressing up as Victorian children and had the opportunity to take part in lots of Victorian Activities throughout the day. Have a look at some of the photos below...

And have a look at how convincing we looked as Victorian children...!

Victorian Sports Day!

Sports day was brilliant! The sun shone and the children loved taking part in all the activities. Thank you for coming along, taking part in the silly parent races and for cheering us on!

Term 5

'Rumble in the jungle!'



This term we will be reading the book, 'Rumble in the Jungle' by Giles Andreae.

We will be looking at poetry, rhyming words and having a go at writing our own!

St George's Day

Jungle Fever!

We have been having so much fun using the story 'Walking through the jungle' to inspire us so far this term. 

We have written lists of jungle animals, sung jungle songs and practised moving like jungle animals in PE!

Rumble in the jungle drama workshop!

On Friday 27th April we had a fantastic drama workshop visit us. We had a brilliant time pretending to go on a jungle mission to  rescue Blaze the golden cat from the scary crocodile!

Beach Visits

We have had such fun visiting the beach! We have pretended to be animals, counted stones and shells and made towers to compare and even hid some pebbles to find the next time we visit. Have a look at some of the photos below...


We have been practising our counting skills by 'jumping on' using a number line. This is helpful when working with larger numbers up to 20 and the children had lots of fun doing the practical activities!

World of Maths Workshop

The children were treated to a morning of fun practical activities on Monday 14th May. They loved getting involved and solving all the tricky problems!


We have been lucky to see brand new ladybirds grow in our class. We have observed each stage in their lifecycle from eggs, to larvae, to pupa and finally to ladybird! The children loved watching their growth and all the changes that happened along the way. 

The ladybirds have been released into our school garden and we hope that they will come back to visit us in the coming weeks :)

Term 4

'Splish! Splash!'


Science experiment!

We started the term off with a fantastic Science experiment where the children had to try to free the dinosaurs trapped in the ice! We had so much fun testing out different ideas. Have a look at some of the photos below...


We had such fun in the snow! It was a very welcome surprise and we made the most of playing in it! We had a think about how we could describe the snow and did some sentence writing about it too..

Book Week

The author Sally Grindly came to visit us and read us her story 'Shhhh!'. We enjoyed listening to her tell us all about being and author.

Parent Story Share

Some parents came to visit us on Thursday 1st March to read some of their favourite children's stories. We loved listening to the great stories. Thank you all for coming!

Term 3


This term we will be thinking about lots of different types of buildings. The children will have the opportunity to create different 2D and 3D buildings and we look forward to parents/carers coming in to help us later in the term!

Wake Up Shake Up - I Like to Move It!

Please click on the link below to access the Wake Up Shake Up music for this term.

Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime

Beanstalk challenge!

Following the pantomime, the children really wanted to make a beanstalk of their own! So we decided to have a competition with Yellow Class; 'Who can make the longest beanstalk?'

We had lots of fun making the beanstalks using newspaper and it turns out that the Yellow class beanstalk was the longest, but the Orange class beanstalk was the thickest.


We have been busy finding out about castles in Orange class. We had a go at making our own and have read lots of information books about castles.

3D Shape

In maths we have been exploring 3D shapes. We have spotted some 2D shape faces, printed using 3D shapes, have been building using the shapes and we even had a go at labelling our models!

Whitstable building walk

We went for a walk around Whitstable to look at all the different buildings and their features. It was a wet and windy day, but the children enjoyed spotting the different styles of houses, flats, shops and churches.

Super writing!

We used our walk around Whitstable to inspire some amazing sentence writing. Have a look at some of our sentences below!


In WriteDance we have completed 'The Robot' and are currently working on ;The Train' dance. We've had to use lots of different movements and have really enjoyed having fun dancing around and creating our finished pieces!

Music with Mrs Diamond

Each Friday this term we've had a music lesson with Mrs Diamond. It's been so much fun singing, learning new songs and learning how to play instruments. We've been practising beat and rhythm and have even went on a crocodile hunt!

Westmeads Model Town

It was great to see all buildings the children had made put together as a little model town in the hall.   The children did a fantastic job and were very proud of their hard work!

Term 2

'Once upon a time...'


We have read the story 'Little Red Riding Hood' and then went on to read 'Little Red and the very hungry lion.'

The children loved this variation of the story and had lots of fun role playing, making puppets of the characters and writing speech bubbles as the lion.


We have been exploring the outdoors looking for letters and creating them using pebbles, sticks, leaves and drawing them using chalk. 


In maths we have been learning about 1 more and 1 less up to 5. The children enjoyed using the story characters to explore these concepts. We have also recapped on 2D shapes and introduced money. The children have been having lots of fun playing for items in the classroom shops using 1ps and 2ps.

Nativity Performance


The children have been having lots of fun preparing for Christmas! We've been role playing being Santa's elves and even made our own big Santa sleigh...

Some of the children in Yellow and Orange class made a sleigh out of the giant wooden bricks.   A few children dressed up as the reindeer ready to 'pull' the sleigh and the others all pretended to  be Father Christmas or Mrs Christmas.  Once the sleigh was loaded up, all the children set off on their journey, singing 'Jingle Bells' whilst playing different instruments.

Wake Up Shake Up!

If you would like to practice the Wake up Shake up dance with your child, then simply click on the links below. Have fun!


We had lots of fun making our firework pictures using paint and glitter! We also had fun pretending to move like fireworks and making firework noises using musical instruments...

Term 1

I'd like to be.......

First day at school!

We had lots of fun starting school! Have a look at our photos below...

We've been busy having fun!

Have a look at what we've been up to during our first week at Westmeads!


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