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Community Infant School

‘Happy To Learn’


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School Development


Westmeads Community Infant School

School Development Priorities 2021-22

School Development Plan

SDP 1 Vision 

What will success look like?

To develop a whole community vision and intent that is routed in our school values



The school vision is clear for all to see and can be articulated easily by all in the community.

The language of our values is embedded in all we do.

Children’s behaviour for learning demonstrates the school values and shows an embedded love and enthusiasm for learning at school

Whole school community is passionate about the school’s vision and works together to enact it.

Enrichment opportunities are at the heart of what we do and are accessible for all children.

SDP 2 Curriculum and pedagogy

What will success look like?


To develop the wider curriculum offer for all children ensuring equity, breadth and depth for all children to be able to learn more, know more and remember more


To create a pedagogy that ensures success for all

A detailed map of all areas of learning is in place to ensure both coverage of the national curriculum content and progression of skills and knowledge as they progress through the school.

The curriculum map is context driven and has ownership from all stakeholders.

An understanding of the importance of this living and breathing document is shared by all stakeholders.

Subject leaders can talk at length about curriculum choices with robust educational reason for both the content and the sequencing of the content.

A clear pedagogy and intent can be seen in all classes and through all teaching across every subject.

Our intent is visual in our teaching and learning.

Children can talk about their learning competently and understand where their strengths and areas for development lie.

Attainment is at or above national average for all key stages.

All children make expected or above expected progress in-year.

All teaching is good or better.

A robust assessment model is in place for all areas of the curriculum that feeds directly into the learning.

Teacher assessment is accurate and moderated both internally and externally.

Children are engaged and enthusiastic in their learning.

SDP 3 Sustainability

What will success look like?

To develop a whole school model with capacity to improve and maintain improvement



A culture of honesty and challenge is evident across whole school community.

A strong and strategic leadership team is in place to push rapid improvement and accurately assess schools current areas of strength and areas for development.

A staff model is in place that supports training and development for the children to receive the highest quality of education and removes potential leakage.

All practise is current and innovative.

Robust systems are in place at all levels of leadership and management to ensure school is both compliant and runs to the highest of standards.

Governance is robust and development and forms part of the extended leadership team in an authentic capacity.